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Before starting the discussion... explain the rules of the game to get an open discussion. We've played the game and I've put the game and the cards aside. The game had three or four storylines and we've spread out one of them. The idea is we take this red storyline and have a discussion... about AIDS and how you deal with AIDS in daily life. But before we begin, I'd like to explain a number of rules to you... particularly about integrity, towards each other and within a group. This means that when you discuss things among each other, with me... that you have an open, sincere and serious attitude toward each other. Talking about sensitive subjects isn't always easy for everyone. This means that together we see to it that we do it safely... in the sense that you respect what other people have to say... and leave others free to say what they want. Feel free to share your opinions. Listen to each other. Let people finish. Try it. Sometimes you forget, but I'm here to watch over things. Respect each other's opinions and allow for differences. Furthermore, we all think differently about these subjects, and that's OK. You all have different opinions and every opinion counts. So don't say: You're talking rubbish, that's not what it's like... that's not how I react, I wouldn't do that, I speak the truth. That's not how we're going to talk. This means that we also leave room for different upbringings. You've all been raised with different rules... also with respect to going out, falling in love... sex, making love for the first time. This means that if you want to discuss it with us... the others will hopefully give you the freedom to do so. Do NOT pass on what other people tell you! Another rule is that what you'll hear each other say... that you won't pass it on in the street... or in the schoolyard or at home. So don't say 'Listen what I heard him say' and then mention the name. We won't gossip, as they call it. You can talk about what we've discussed, in general... but you're not going to pass on in the schoolyard what other people say. This also means that you think about what you're going to say here. I don't want you to keep shut now and think: I won't say a thing. I want you to join the discussion, but you decide for yourself... what you want to say and how far you want to go. Is that clear? You're very quiet. You can react or ask questions. Do you all agree with this? The discussion can begin. We'll start with the red storyline. That's my choice. Next time, you can choose, but this is my choice. What I'd like to hear from you is what you see in this red storyline. Who would like to begin?

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