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Groundhog Day (1993)

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[buzz of alarm clock] [radio] It's Groundhog Day! aaah! Groundhog time. A thousand people, freezing their buts off, waiting to worship a rat. (narrator) Weatherman Phil Conners... [blowing sound] spending the day in Puxatawney Pennsylvania. Phil? Ned! Ned Ryerson. I did the whistling belly button trick at the high school talent show. Bing. Bing! (narrator) But Phil's about to find out he's not just stuck in Puxatawney,... Will you be checking out today Mr. Conners? Chance of departure today, 100% (narrator) He's stuck... [buzz] [radio] It's Groundhog Day! (narrator) Groudhog Day. I'm reliving the same day, over and over. Phil? Ned Ryerson? Bing! Did you ever have deja-vu, Mrs. Lancaster? I don't think so, but I could check with the kitchen. Well, it's Groundhog Day - again. (narrator) At first, he was a little anxious... Phil? Waaa... Will you be checking out today, Mr. Conners? I'd say the chance of departure is 80% [buzz] (narrator) but now... [tires screeching] We could do whatever we want. [train horn] whoa! (narrator)...he's discovering the possibilities... Don't you worry about cholesterol? Why? (narrator)...and living life, like there's no tomorrow,... Phil Conners! Ned! (narrator)...because..[buzz] there isn't. I am immortal. I have been stabbed, shot, burned. Frozen, electrocuted. I'm a god. You're God? I'm a god, not the God. (narrator) But to get what his heart wants most... What are you looking for Phil? A date for the weekend? (narrator)...means living this day over again... [she's laughing] (narrator)...until he gets it right. Believe it or not, I studied 19th century French Poetry. [laughs loudly] What a waste of time! I studied 19th Century French Poetry. La vie que je mara You speak French! Oui. (narrator) Bill Murray... [honky tonk/ r & b piano] (narrator) Andie MacDowell To the groundhog! I always drink to world peace. [buzz] Well, what should we drink too? I like to say a prayer, and drink to world peace. Don't drive angry! Don't drive angry! Aaaaaaa! He might be okay. [buzz] Yes! [radio] Groundhog Day! (narrator) Life has a funny way of repeating itself. What did you do today? Oh, same ol' same ol'.

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