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2855 Having an Investigation or Injection using Musculoskeletal fluoroscopy

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You have been invited to have fluoroscopy imaging or treatment of your muscle or joint. This is because your doctor thinks that this will help them To better understand your condition and find a suitable way to manage it. Fluoroscopy requires taking low dose x-rays or a series of x-rays of the area of concern So that the radiologist or advanced practitioner can either assess your joint Or perform a fluoroscopic guided injection. The dose of radiation that you are exposed to during fluoroscopy is normally less Than a standard x-ray for that particular joint or area of concern. Before attending your appointment you should let the radiology department know if you are pregnant On Zyban (anti smoking medication) or on any anticoagulant besides aspirin. Please also let us know before you come if you have any mobility problems for which you may require assistance. Fluoroscopy imaging is performed in the radiology department and it’s best to arrive in plenty of time. We recommend that you bring a partner, friend or relative with you who can drive you home As you are advised not to drive for the rest of the day, especially if you are having a Fluoroscopic guided injection. However, they will not be allowed inside the examination room, but can be there to keep you company. Also, please don't bring young children as there are no facilities available to look after them. When preparing for your visit, we recommend that you wear loose fitting clothes So that it is easier to expose and access the area of your body that is being investigated. When you are called into the examination room You will be met by our radiologist or advanced practitioner and their assistant. They will explain the procedure to you, highlighting the risks and benefits And ask if you have any questions. If you are having a fluoroscopic injection, this consists of local anaesthetic Which works by providing direct pain relief, and steroid which reduces inflammation Which may be the cause of your pain. You will be asked to sit down or lie on a couch. To identify the area of concern, a machine is moved over you from which low dose x-rays are emitted. Once the radiologist or advanced practitioner is happy with the position Your skin in that area is thoroughly cleaned and draped. A needle is placed through the skin and soft tissue and in to the area of concern. Once the needle is in the correct position A small amount of x-ray dye is used to confirm the exact position to be treated. Local anaesthetic and steroids are then injected into the area and the needle is removed. A small plaster is placed over the site of injection. The entire procedure may last for up to half an hour. Afterwards you will be monitored for 20 minutes to check you are okay. If the radiologist or advanced practitioner is asked by your referring clinician to dynamically assess your joint The fluoroscopy machine needs to move over you. Images will be taken without you feeling anything But the radiologist or advanced practitioner may ask you to move so that they can see your joint in action. Many patients will gain a lot of relief from having fluoroscopic guided injections Although there is always the risk of side effects with any procedure. These include infection, worsening symptoms or an allergic reaction. If you feel unwell after your procedure, or develop new redness or swelling around the site of injection Please see your GP during working hours or attend A&E out of hours. You will need a follow up appointment with the doctor who requested the treatment to discuss your results. Your referring clinician may either send details or you may need to arrange an appointment.

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2855 Having an Investigation or Injection using Musculoskeletal fluoroscopy

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