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Seunghwan Seo - Seoul, Korea - Korean (Global Lives Project, 2013) 03:30:00 - 03:59:59

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You know how in other countries there are more things that are illegal. I mean yeah... Well sometimes they leave work together. So when he comes, they can come with the motorcycles. Since they have to follow as much as possible anyway. Ah yes. That'd work. And when they're leaving everything they can go to Manager Choi. Ah yes. We can do that. So drink freely. That's what we should do, right? And order some noodles for Manager Choi. He's getting noodles? Well he can't drink. He can't drink anyway. Then he can come and have a bowl of noodles. And we can drink. Then Choi Woo can -- And you can ride in the back so that your face is shown. I can ride behind Wonsuk. Yeah we can do that. So what about the workshop? Where are we gonna go? Where is the location? I don't know, it was just suggested to me today. Wouldn't it be fun to have it somewhere with water? Ugh why do we have so many things that don't work. It's not fun. What's wrong? For sleeping over, I haven't had many experiences with going to the beach with women. I have aged. Yes. I can't sleep anywhere like I used to. Damn. I can only sleep in hotels. For real. Damn. I can't even sleep in rental cottages. Hotels are good... Well motels are better. Than hotels. See these are the differences. Unless they're super expensive hotels, for most hotels places like event hotels are much better. Oh we can't do those kinds of places. There's convention hotel in Gangwondo. Convention? But that hotel... Well I guess it is an hotel. It's pretty small. It costs around 300. 300. We should give them a call. I'm going there. In front of the convention hotel, there's a condo. There's many there. Yeah right below it. I'm eating with Assistant Manager Seo. Jaewook! Do you want to eat the pork cartilage too? No. Are they filming here? Yeah I told you they're filming until tomorrow morning. They're filming until I go to work. 24 hours. Are you getting the meeting filmed intentionally? No. When Manager Choi arrives, we can get him some noodles and leave right away. Yes yes. Sounds good. It's more fun to go somewhere new. Hey Jaewook come over here. Come here. You suggested it. The workshop. Ah! We were talking about that. It' not a meeting. This is very important, dude. Did you send that? Yes I sent it. Aren't they (camera crew) eating? Just think of them as ghosts. Don't talk to them. Act like they're not here. Don't even look at them. Just eat this. Don't drink. You can drink later. Ah then But, The transportation is that cost. Without the wages and everything. The wages... Can you make a plan for that? Me? Yes. I don't have a plan... You made the plan so tell us. Hmm? What are you going to do? I'll appoint you as the workshop leader. You can plan everything. Starting with the convenience stores. If we decide to do it. But if the plan isn't perfect we're not going. I'll give you 1,000,000 won from the company. If there's additional costs, you take care of them. What do you think? No. When are you going to keep it at 1,000,000 won? It works with 1,000,000 won. How many people are going? I told you eight. Who's in the eight? Eight including the director. We have 7 employees. We're 7 people? Yes. Excuse me, please get me some kimchi. Eight including the director. 10 per person? ugh. It probably won't work. Workshops cost more. We need around 20 per person for the workshop to work. No that's not the problem. We also need to get day workers. Right. We have that and, This is a special case. We need to get day workers to cover for us. Call Director Choi. Ask if he wants noodles. Are you going to do it? Yes. I don't have battery on my phone right now. I have 5% left. 5%. You can drive Assistant Manager Seo. And take him home. And ride in the back when you're returning. Ok? How? Wonsuk can take one. Since you're not. Then he can go. Ugh. Why aren't you eating? He was at a meeting. Director! He said to come here afterwards to drink. Ask him how far he is from here. How long do you think it'll take? Yes. Yes. When is he coming? He said he's close. Order some noodles. You can just ask the owner. Where are you going? Just ask him. Ok. Where are you going? I do what I want. Can't I have a drink? What? Alcohol? No this is going to viewed worldwide. Yeah Korea can overlook a little but there are some countries that have the death penalty for drunk driving. Just pour him some water. Here. Just pretend it's alcohol. Wow it looks real! It looks like alcohol. I'm going to drink after you leave. Me? I'll drink when you leave. You're going to drink after I leave? Where am I going? Doesn't matter. You're going to drink when I go home? Sure. Don't drink and drive. There reason your license is on hold is because of drunk driving, right? Yeah. You can't even go to the United States. I don't have to go. I like Korea. Why do you place such a limit on your life? Wait why can't I go to the U.S.? You can't go if you get caught drunk driving. You can't get the visa. Really? Yup. You can't. I guess I can go. Give him another glass. I'll pour it myself. Yes. Do that. It's more comfortable that way. Yeah. Are you good at drinking? Seems like it. He's really downing it. Director Choi, come over here. Have some noodles. You should adjust your mic. It won't work. You have to twist it. Twist what? Just adjust it a little? Yes. You must be tired. He must be. He told me earlier. What are we going to do? For the addition? So we planned this: Seunghwan can't drive because he drank so Jaewook will drive. Seunghwan can ride in the back. What? The motorcycle? Yeah when we go home. And the cameraman will come along. He can take the motorcycle and drive it back. What did you do with the key? The motorcycle key? Did YangJae Bom take it? He took it. He took it? Then give him a call tomorrow. Who had the key? Hey where did you park the motorcycle? The broken one? It wasn't in front of the New Village restaurant. The crossroads in front of New Village restaurant. On the other side of the crossroads? Near Shin Nonhyun station? On the Yeoyido side. It wasn't there. Why wasn't it there? Go check. Check before you get a call later and have to move around. There's going to be 8 people going for 1 night and 2 days for the workshop. Do you think 1,000,000 won will be enough? It won't take 1,000,000 won. It won't? It won't. How? Do you want me to give you money like it grows off of trees? You know, even when I travel with 1 other person I use 2,000,000 won by myself. Where? Well, of course it was for 4 days and 5 nights. Are you kidding me? Even he is thinking about just 800,000 won. Right? No he said 1,000,000 won. I said: I suggested starting with the wages for the day workers It would be 1,000,000 won total and everything else can be extra. Ah I get it. Ok. No problem. No it is a problem! If we pay 8 day workers, it'll be 800,000 won! Ah 7 workers so 700,000 won. What? Stop trying to get 2,000,000 won. Yeah 600,000 won. Who's going? 8 people. All of the staff. We need to use 4 day workers then. Yes. Use 4? 6 people. 2 are already there. Ah then it's 5 people. Since you're part of the 8. And it's not 8 people it's 7 right now. So including you it's 8. Yes. It's 7 but 7 minus 2. Since 2 people are taking a break on Mondays. So if we're going on Monday it'll be 5 people. So we need 5 people then. No, it's not 5 people. The director doesn't do that work so we only need to hire 4 people. 4 people? Do you think that's possible? It's 24 hours. No we can make it work. We can plan it. We might even need 6 people. 5. We need 5. Just get 3 for the day and 2 for the night. They're only here for 1 day so we can really work them. No, the night shift is pretty ok but You see -- Just get enough for the day shift. No, that's not what I mean. We just need to pick a few good ones. No. Do you know what the similarity between day workers are? They prioritize themselves and take everything slowly. They don't care about deadlines and time limits. If we can finish a task in 20 minutes, the day workers take 30 minutes. No. Last time they finished things quickly. Nope. Day workers are like that. They prioritize their own safety. They make sure they're safe. Jaewook is drinking a lot. You know the people who were here? If we take the number of calls The most calls we've done per hour is 6 or 7 calls. If it's 6 or 7 calls for 3 people, it's 2 calls per person. We can definitely do it. Unless people go crazy and we get 8 or 10 calls per hour. Excuse me, please give us some soup. And Here. Look at this. Hey, this. Bro! Here are the fish cakes. If we can plan in detail, it will be enough. This -- The important part is, We need to put Monday in it. Sunday, Monday. Sunday, Monday. And we can come back on Tuesday? When would we come back? We can go on Sunday night and come back on Monday. We need to do it like this. Hang out, have a drink at night, and then come back. We can't party too hard. Right. We can all meet on Sunday night. What can we do 3AM on a Sunday? What are you talking about? What? The trip and location will be enough. It'll be pretty free on Sunday night. So we should go on the weekend. It is the weekend. And on Sunday night -- No I mean during the week. We need to go during the week, party, have a drink at night. And then come back quickly. So we're sleeping over until the next day. Yes. We need to do it like that. How? Tell me again. We need to go there in the morning. For example, to a ocean. We can hang out there and then drink at night. We need to come back late at night that day. Or in the morning. Maybe like 9AM. 9AM is too early.

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Posted by: globallives on Nov 5, 2013

Two more co-workers join Seunghwan and his boss for food and drinks.

This is part of a 24-hour recording of a day in the life of Seunghwan Seo.

This video was produced by Sam Queen, Rachel Gist, Jee Young Lee, Michael Stulberg, Marisol Park, Nayoung Jung, Joel Elliott, and Cole Quinlan.

This video is part of the Global Lives Project, a video library of life experience.

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