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SYLVAIN: Who wants to drink wine while eating? CHANTAL: Who are you asking this question? SYLVAIN: I am talking about you. When you eat at the table, one should drink wine. SYLVAIN: You're worth nothing CHANTAL: No I do not like wine SYLVAIN: The young (nickname of my mother) Would you like to drink a little bit?. MY MOTHER: No, I do not take. SYLVAIN: You do not want me to open a clogged wine for you? MY MOTHER: No thank you! SYLVAIN: It's gnangnan we eat at home, with wine is wine ani gnangnan. MY MOTHER: Ok I arrived I expect your wife to come cook me my favorite sauce. SYLVAIN: It's gnangnan! When I eat is gnangnan.. SYLVAIN: I called BRASIN to tell him that you come home but he did not answer it. I called him yesterday, but he stayed nothing to my message. SYLVAIN: Hum! The children stayed upstairs. Hum! their rice is not cooked yet for them to eat. CHANTAL: It's ready. SYLVAIN: Girls! SYLVAIN: They better come to eat! Hey! What's her name................Francoise. FRANCOISE: Uncle! SYLVAIN:The three girls, you must serve them........ finally they are 2 pairs upstairs right? [It's two girls] The two girls go eat together, you eat with that with you and then TRESOR and then Em .. Come, come take it, come take Francoise. [footstep] SYLVAIN: That is, leave it she will come take to it. SYLVAIN: Since these women arrived they barricaded their homes but have never thought of buying a mortar. SYLVAIN: The boys arrive, you must quickly serve the boys before they get to annoy you. SYLVAIN: Hum! Start serving their food. SYLVAIN: Serve their food. LETHICIA: Dad the boys, we must serve them... SYLVAIN: One by One. LETHICIA : We serve them one by one but they are the ones who check on their meal to decide if it enough or not. SYLVAIN: Cynthia call RICHELLE and others to come and eat. SYLVAIN: Oooh LETI don't come near the camera while I'm filming. LETHICIA: Ok, I'll stay far from the camera..........(she touched Francoise's hair ) FRANCOISE: Removes your hands in my hair. LETHICIA: I say oh Francois I die when I see KENZA crying for her wallet. MY MOTHER: I expect your wife to make me a good fish sauce. SYLVAIN: One day my maid was pounding and the neighboring bottom is up say she makes noise. CHANTAL: The one that is just down to you. SYLVAIN : Yes I presented my apologies but when we are not here, she does not have the right to come to comment to my maid. LETHICIA: Dad you saw TRESOR insults me SYLVAIN: Oooh you TRESOR you became big until you insult..... Eeeh LETI do not hit people with your foot, girls do not have the right to hit boys with their feet. SYLVAIN: Never again. Lethicia : Why Dad SYLVAIN: I say never again! SYLVAIN :Go eat in the kitchen. TRESOR: Dad is there foutou for me? SYLVAIN: Since when you eat foutou. We have not planned foutou for you guys today. CHANTAL: Bring me ice water I am thirsty SYLVAIN: Eme (EMERIC) EME: Dad! SYLVAIN: Bring a bottle of water with a glass to aunt Chantal LETICIA: You TRESOR, you're anwering ... Is Eme your name now? KENZA: THE YOUNG, enjoy your meal! SYLVAIN: You cried until now you happy. Where's your cell? You were down did you went up with it? KENZA:No it was on the table SYLVAIN: On what? KENZA: In the bedroom. [Sound of children] SYLVAIN: Chantal Do you want some rice to eat? CHANTAL: No I am good. SYLVAIN: [laugh...] SYLVAIN: Hum!

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