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You don't need to say any more. I can't accept this. It feels like every time I need you, you're not by my side. I can't stand a long distance relationship anymore! (Long Distance Relationship Day 172) Hey, idiot. Be sure to take care of yourself. When will you come back? In half a year. Lots of my friends say that at the end of long distance relationships, love will fade away. But I believe that a long distance love is just a brief parting. It Must Be Him (Long Distance Relationship Day 7) What are you doing now? Missing you This is the first day after you left. A long distance relationship, wasn't as scary as everyone said. I hope you are doing well. Right. I saw today's weather broadcast. It's raining a lot over there. You better remember to bring an umbrella. Zheng Ruibin as Xiaobin :') What did you eat today? Wow, it's just you two! Separated by a screen and still that lovey-dovey. Hello! Long time no see. When are you coming back? When the internship finishes I'll be back. You, take good care of XiaoYI. Don't let her get bullied. I'm leaving her to you. So many friends by my side, you don't have to worry. I hope you also meet some more friends. Don't be too gloomy. (Long Distance Relationship Day 32) Shenzhen is downpouring, are you at home safe yet? There! Rest assured~ There! Rest assured~ Now I feel at ease~ This idiot. He's definitely working overtime. I don't want to ask you how much you've accomplished. I just hope that you are happy. Look! Us two are getting married! Wow! Really? Congrats Congrats! Really! Let's cheers then Let's do it together. Congratulations to you guys! Cheers! YuHao went to Shanghai, right? Ah, yes. When is he coming back? Um... Likely soon. You need to hurry up too~ (and get married) I think long distance relationships are really hard. Back then, I broke up with him for a while. We fought everyday... If you could also be by my side, it would be okay. (Long Distance Relationship Day 172) Right. Did you hear what I said? Jiayi and Achao are getting married next month. It's perfect timing for when you get back. We can go together. Xiaoyi. I wanted to talk to you... The internship's company has another new project. I think... I won't be back for a while. New project? The new project can't be without you? You know these past six months I've been counting on you! I know... I wanted to be with you all the time too. But now the company— You don't need to say any more. I can't accept this. It feels like every time I need you, you're not by my side. I can't stand a long distance relationship anymore! My love, I don't know how much longer I can do this for. Is this what a long distance relationship is really like? ohmygod troy bolton i love you Right now as soon as I call him we fight. I don't even know where what went wrong. Except for him. Actually, it's just him. He doesn't know how to express himself. Believe in me, wait for me. @XiaoYi I understand him, but he doesn't know what I want at all. Then, do you know what it is you want? I— Now look, you're getting acne. (from like stress lol) Perhaps, I should slowly get used to it. (Long Distance Relationship Day 192) Milk! Milk, where are you? Milk! This is the concept proposal for this season. Everyone please share your opinion. Why isn't he picking up? Milk! Meeting adjourned. The number you dialed is not available. Please wait and try again. I'm really scared, I'm scared that I won't find Milk. I'm even more scared that we might not be able to go back. Milk! Say... When YuHao is coming back. UGHHHHHH YOU'RE SO CUTE OHMYGODDDDD Milk! Where did you go? I was worried sick... look at how cute he looks I'm gonna CRY How did you get here? I called you but it didn't go through. YuHao told me everything. Even if you think it must be him, don't wait anymore. I'm leaving now. Wait for me. We'll meet in Shanghai! Hello? Really? Thank you! I'm going to see you soon. You Do you miss me? (Long Distance Relationship Day 199) Day 199 of a long distance relationship, Do everything possible, because it must be him.

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zheng ruibin's short film

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