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TC016 Azure The Big Picture_01_AO

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In this video you'll see a general overview of what you can do in Microsoft Azure. Azure is a little word for some pretty complex and vast capabilities. So, to keep things simple, let's break them down into 8 main categories. Compute services, cloud storage, networking, app hosting, AI, IoT, integration, and security. Ready? Let's go. Compute services, these cover virtual machines, containers, and serverless computing, including microservices. These services are primarily for performing calculations, executing logic, and running applications. Cloud storage, this includes disks attached to virtual machines as well as more structured formats, such as vault shares or databases, all of which can expand and shrink as necessary. Networking features, these features let you set up private network connections to your on-premises environments and configure and control traffic into and out of Azure efficiently, helping to optimize application performance and scalability. Azure app host, this feature lets you run your entire web application on a managed platform in Windows or Linux. Plus the Azure marketplace has a huge range of third party products you can run in Azure, including SAP and SQL database solutions.  AI, including machine learning and prebuilt cognitive services. These services help you search and analyze existing data to forecast future behaviors, outcomes, and trends. Those predictions can even be used to make absent devices smarter. IoT, Azure enables you to integrate sensors and devices and manage them with IoT hubs. Allowing you to create full feature dashboards and apps to monitor and control all of your assets.  Integration, logic apps and service bus connect applications and services and allow for workflows to orchestrate business processes, whether those connected systems are on premises or in the cloud. And finally security, security is integrated into every aspect of Azure, including a harden of the structure and global security intelligence monitoring. With Azure's identity management you have tight control over who has access to each service and the data in it. That's a long list and these 8 categories represent just a small fraction of the services available in Azure. Fortunately, it's quick and easy to try out a new service, then mix and match them to get exactly what you need. And the best part, you will only pay for what you use.

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TC016 Azure The Big Picture_01_AO

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