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Love is a Word

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The power of (e)motion. Love is a Word, All causes and consequenses are results out of Love. For Love is made of a higher order, that invented this first movement. In a few movements life was being produced. Breath is made and our hearts fulfilled... What a wonderful thought! Everything is in us... ... and everything is connected, If we, as a human being have a certain emotion this emotion resonates as well endless far and endless near so that connection, that resonance is connected with everything. What does that mean? We, on earth as human being living in a sick world, is not true! It is what we are being told We express these emotions, emotions of a sick world, no beautiful life, If all that is no good... and we express those resonances and these go into the cosmos and going to vibrate not only vibrate, in the rainbow spectrum, no,... it vibrates in all spheres and beyond.. there it also vibrates! What does that mean? If we don't have a good life here, the creations there also don't have a good life! Therefore it is important to have a good life here. Therefore it is also important to realise that love beings also live here on earth. Why are they here? To make us aware that earth is perfect with all living creatures on it. That earth is not ill and if we think so, it has a direct consequense for them! They than also become ill and they are not able to stop this. For we are giving that power Because we are feeding it. So it is very important that we bend these thoughts! Earth is healthy, Human kind is healthy, It is given to us that we are ill and if it is given to us, than we get ill Because we create disease we create displeasure, we create poverty, and on purpose! Not because we want to, but it's made by many events. Fears are being aroused by wars by creating diseases even to talk about diseases that don't exist but that make us scared. Only that aspect lets our resonances leave earth... ... into the spectrum of the cosmos and other spectra. That is why it is very important to realise that creation, creation is perfect! There's nothing that isn't perfect! Everything is perfect!!! Gimotion thanks everyone who takes the effort on contributing to the wellfare of everybody in this world. Thank You!

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Duration: 6 minutes and 34 seconds
Country: Netherlands
Language: English
Producer: Gimotion
Director: Giovanni Montalto
Views: 91
Posted by: eleenaar on Mar 26, 2011

Compilation of a presentation, given by Giovanni Montalto, founder of Gimotion.

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