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Slavoj Žižek Parody /w English Subs

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Slavoj Žužek: On the topic of 'celebrities' in Slovenia So, when you asked me to come and lecture about this so-called phenomenon of stardom, or the so called world of 'celebrities' in Slovenia, my first thought, the first association, that came to my mind was, the end of the world. In the sense, and that in the sense, of a total annihilation of moral values, of the public taste and common sense. This phenomenon can only be perceived as a total deratization of the Slovene national identity. But we must look upon this subject differently, we have to ask ourselves in another way. I'll explain shortly. What is the End of the World actually? What does that mean? The answer is of course hidden in the recent history, when the End of the World, in English the so-called 'Doomsday', is considered to be a product, or the result ... a result of a natural disaster. In this multitude of catastrophical possibilities, I of course also see the Human being, who evolved from some, some kind of a simple gatherer and herbalist, in short, a primitive monkey, evolved into a natural disaster. We have to keep this in mind. There exist some explanations, or, or beliefs, forecasts of what exactly is to happen to us. See, the possibilities are, a meteor strikes Earth, we all know this one, the new Ice Age, Nuclear war between the Superpowers, There might come some new virus, which will kill and completely erase humanity. See, this last possibility seems the most probable and possible to me. But we have to keep in mind something, that exactly this Virus, in our story plays the part of a symbolic, I would say, would say, symbolic guise of the Slovene so-called and self-proclaimed 'creme of the Society', in other words, if you wish, the Slovene celebrity world. And the fact is, that if we look at the arrival of the last, still provable Ice Age, who did survive? Nobody. Except for the simple, mono-cellular beings, different ciliates, parameciums et cetera. And even this, this Slovene pop-syndrome, this, this, this Slovene 'strawberry choice', of different soon-to-be Miss Universes, self-proclaimed celebrities, and miscellaneous, I don't know, people mixing air (doing nothing sensible), is resistant to all critiques, and especially resistant to good taste and talent. See, this cancerous growth, these emotional disabled persons, are executing an air assault on the human mind and reason. And are metastasizing into the Slovene nation. This is our problem. This is the critical pandemic that represents the real threat, real threat, to the fate of Humanity. And not this eternal dilemma between the Slovenes and Croats, now, heheh, heh, now it's actually a trilemma, as there are some EU mediators involved as well. But enough jokes. Watch out, as this disease works quickly, efficiently, and most importantly and absurdly, in the eyes of the general public. Kosovel (a famous Slovene poet) said it nicely, excrement is gold and gold is excrement. But I say, excrement is excrement and will remain excrement. In the Communist times something like this was not possible at all. See, as this apparatus, this, this, powerful, powerful organism, would nip a disease such as this in the bud. But that is just not possible anymore in this, this, quasi-democracy, this Americanized society. See, this thing has gotten beyond any control. And at this point, nothing can help anymore, not even gulags and hidden mass graves. Greenhouse gasses and emissions are 'pussy smoke' (colloq. nothing at all) compared to what is being performed by the Slovene celebrities. And here Nature will have to intervene and, and, ex-pulse these, these foreign bodies, this Sodom and Gomorrah, if not somehow else, with the help of the Great Biblical Flood, by totally annihilating the Human Race. But I am afraid, that, you know, that even then there will appear some kind of a prototype of Noah, and his Ark, and I am afraid that on that Ark, place will be found for precisely this, these 'celebrities' of Slovenia of which I am talking. I am genuinely afraid of this to happen. As, watch out, we have to decisively say 'no, thanks', and use the most radical forms of combat imaginable against this nebulousness. And combat, look, combat, war must be a Total War. And only one, Final Solution is possible. So they must not exterminate us, but we, we must exterminate them for all time to come. We must erase them from the face of this world, books, compact discs, archives, if need be at the cost of our own lives. And give to our children and all the generations to come the most beautiful dowry imaginable. So you see, this is my opinion on this, this so-called Slovene world of stardom. And I will not deviate from this opinion! Thank you. I got a bit pissed off. Thank you.

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Posted by: hrast128 on Aug 2, 2013

Slavoj Žužek, or Slavoj 'the Bug', as parodied by Jurij Zrnec in his show on POP TV.

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