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Cash Games vs. Tournaments

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Hey guys, Alec Torelli bringing the new hand of the day right here, from Toscani/Itally - absolutely gorgeous. Ok, so, the hand of the day today comes from the Main Event day three, the blinds are 4k/8k with a 1k ante. Under the gun - a very excellent high stakes german player, opens to 16k and a tight young online player 3-bets to 40k two positions to his left. Fold around to him and he decides to reraise again to 92k. The gentleman goes all-in for 330k and he calls with 2 jacks up against 2 kings and bust the tournament. So the reason this hand is so interesting is 'cause it really highlights one of the fundamental differences between cash games and tournaments. So, in a cash game, if the same hand were played - 40/50 big blinds it's really standard hand: raise, get it all in with 2 jacks pre-flop. 45 big blinds there is not much you can do. In a tournament, however, specially when you are in the money like they were it's really a big error to get all the money in here because most of the time your opponent it's gonna have a hand that dominates you like 2 queens, 2 kings or 2 aces. In this spot, had he just had a hand maybe like 2 tens or a worse hand he would have just called pre-flop and, you know, just see the flop there. So usually in a tournament you really wanna be a lot more consevative In spots like this, take flops and really not go all-in unless you really are forced to because surviving is so much more important than it is to accumulate chips and double up. In the cash game you are strictly dealing with expectation and what is the most profitable play and you don't really have any negative consequences if you loose all your money. So this is one of the big key differences why I wanted to show this hand to you guys. I hope you take something from it and see you next time. Thank you.

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Posted by: robsonsky on Apr 24, 2016

Legendado para o português. O vídeo descreve uma mão jogada por um bom jogador de cash games que comete um erro por não adotar uma estratégia voltada para torneios.

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