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What is Merchandising

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[♪Upbeat music♪] [Adobe® Training Services for Ominture® technology] Hi, everybody; this is Doug. And today we want to talk about Omniture Merchandising and simply answer the question what is Omniture Merchandising? Well, when you go to a website and you're looking for a product, do you have a hard time finding that product? Do you have an easy time? Are you presented with all the accessories or related items that you might want as well? This is where Omniture Merchandising can shine. Omniture Merchandising enables retailers to execute online merchandising strategies that optimize marketing effectiveness through increased conversions and average order value. By improving shoppers' ability to find and select products and by promoting products based on business goals and metrics, Omniture Merchandising helps retailers grow their online channel. Now just like our other products, Omniture Merchandising is part of the Omniture Online Marketing Suite and sits right over here in the "Optimize" section with "Test & Target," and "Recommendations," and "Survey," and "Site Search." So we are obviously optimizing the experience of the shopper, in this case, to help them find the products. So this is a very e-commerce-related product that we have here. Just a couple of Merchandising highlights; you can easily manage online merchandising strategies, so you can use the CMC--or the Commerce Merchandising Console-- your interface into the merchandising product-- to manage your merchandising strategies, like cross-sell, and up-sell, and promotions and such things. You can also create an intuitive shopping interface, so it really helps guide shoppers to a quick purchase through attribute-driven product navigation, or selections and comparisons, and different things like that. You can also leverage built-in sales and product expertise. So you can access a comprehensive pre-built merchandising dictionary spanning many retail segments, so it's already built in there. And you can encourage social merchandising. So if you have things like reviews, and ratings, and tags and things like that, then you can definitely incorporate that customer-generated content. You can also optimize product search results, so when they search for something on your site, do you provide them with the right products? Do you provide them with related products? If they have a bad search, what do you do then? etc. So we'll talk about those in just a second. So, again, Merchandising has this commerce merchandising console, or this interface to the merchandising product, so you can set things up like business rules, and reorder the main product results when people search; you can create search results pages with selected products; you can configure the linguistics, so create rules that assist in the processing of keyword searches; create similar term relationships between bookcases; so if they search for a specific brand of shoe, do you show them other kinds of shoes? They didn't search for the other brand, so it's not a direct keyword match, maybe, with some of your related products, but do you show them other brands of shoes as well? So you can set up those relationships, so that they are presented with all kinds of different options. And, of course, you're going to get reports to show you what's working the best, and to show you how users are using the system so that you can fine-tune those business rules and linguistics. Here's a sample Merchandising page, has a lot on it there. You can use business rules to help deliver relevant content in various zones. So everything is set up in zones, and you can set things like a top banner up here, you can set up "Best Sellers" or "Recommended Products," we have "Related Products" up here on the right. You can also have these populated through data or through metrics. So you can select them, specifically, and you can have them selected through the back-end data, or you can use web analytics, and metrics, and site catalysts to decide which items are shown. Another quick mention here, and that is a big part of your merchandising is search. That's how a lot of people are going to find your product, right? So the problem with a lot of search results pages is when they don't have any results, it's just kind of a blank page, try again, they don't really give you any great options. And so now you have the ability to customize your "No Results" page, and here you have a message in the middle that says, "We didn't have exactly what you were looking for, but maybe use the navigation above," we can also provide them with some banners and different things like that, so that they can really have more of a choice than just backing up and trying another search term. As it states here, with Merchandising, you can choose specific items, or you can let the metrics drive which items are featured throughout the online shopping experience to make sure that you capture as much business as possible. So somebody searches for a laptop, and you can give them accessories or related items, maybe you give them some desktops, maybe you give them cords and things like that; but you get to decide and choose maybe what you show them in the "You May Also Like" section down here. So bottom line here, Omniture Merchandising allows you to really configure and control the experience of your shopper so they are seeing exactly what you want them to and giving them the best experience possible as they look for products on your site. [Adobe]

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In this episode, you will find out what the Adobe Merchandising product is, and how it can help you.

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