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Guerre Froide Propagande

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In the background was the growing struggle between two great powers to shake the post world wars. Soviet Russia has expansively stabbing west world. 19 inter nations left empty by war. On orders from the Kremlin, Russia have launch one history most drastic political, moral and economic war. A Cold war. The United States was obliged to help your upsafe guard is traditional freedom and independance of it nation. Guns was desperate of wartime unity that reach this peak on historic afternoon in april 45, at the Elbe river in Germany. Here, two worlds actualy met, but this coalition was to be torn us under. Allready an iron curtain droped around Poland, Hungary, Yougoslavia, Bulgaria. "Ah, but this is Europe" you say. But let see what can happen elsewhere inside the small town of Montane Wisconsin, peaceful isn't it ? But the red fraction pull and the chief of police is also off the jail. Next, public autonomies off his by this communists Watch capable there were happen to an editor who operate free press. He go to jail to and his newspaper is confiscated. Except, freedom of thaught Yes, this is life under the soviet form of government. The little town of Montane made this experimente for 24 hours. A public service to all America. It can't appear here ? Well, this it what it's look like. If it should ... Fortunately, we can move the clock back. The time, is not yet. Mothers pray that it never happen, in our country. Before we meet the members of the american legion post to seven nine up make this picture possible. I just like to say. Give me a great deal of satistaction to represent two hot standing shopping center in California. The shopping Hobe off the Saint-Gabriel valley in West Arkedia. And the Whittier Hobe shopping center in the Whittier California. Because, they are concret expressions of the practical ideologism, that build America. When you'll visit this two fine shopping centers. You find more then four "Scorp" beautiful stores. A sparkling assortments. A attractive atmosphere, and of course... .. fully a free parking for all the cars that we, capitalists see to acquire Who can help by contrast the beautiful, the practical ... ... settings of the Arkadia shopping hobe and in the Whittier Quad ... ... whit watch do you find under communism. It's not safe to hope for the best. Without preparing for the worst. Our objectif is not agression. We need not become militarist. But we must keep our army, our navy, our airforce at ready strenght. We must backup our team for secure.

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Posted by: nicmercier on Apr 26, 2010

Vidéo de propagande sur la Guerre froide.

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