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EN - Tammy Thirnbeck - DateATon 2018

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[♪ music ♪] Hello, Tupperware friends. I'm Tammy Thirnbeck, a Star Director from New Beginnings. And I live in the city of Kawartha Lakes, Ontario.

I love doing Tupperware cooking shows. It's the best way to meet new people to recruit or book more parties with. But I am still shy, though, at asking people.

Dating games make it fun and take the pressure off. It's really important to me to get two datings for my host. That way, she can choose a host set or two and much more free Tupperware. It's also important for me to get two datings for my business to continue to grow.

So immediately after I finish doing my demonstration and making my recipe, we play our game. I switch it up between the Straw Game and the Smidget Game, and I use the same technique for both. It's nice to alternate games when you're partying with the same group of people.

For both games, I go directly from making my last recipe to the game. I let them know that they can taste test after we play our fun game. If you let them eat or give them catalogs before the game, you'll lose their attention.

I'll start with the Smidget Game, since it's my favorite game. So the Smidgets can be ordered through our Sales Aids. I'm sure you've all seen these before. I keep them in my FridgeSmart Medium. 15 fit perfectly inside. 10 of them say "Congratulations, you've won me." The other five say "Congratulations, you've won free." I use the words "free" or "me" because the word "party" sounds like a lot of work.

So when I'm playing my game, I start by holding up a Smidget and ask, "Does anybody have one of these?" "What do you use them for?" Most people will start out and say they keep their medication in them, they take them to work with butter or salad dressing, and things like that. I tell them things I use them for, such as keeping my jewelry in when I travel, lotion, hair products—different thing when I travel. Because any Tupperware with a round seal will not leak.

My goal is to make everybody want one of these. And it is the world's tiniest bowl.

So when I get ready to play, I'll explain exactly how this works. So this evening, I fed you and we had our salsa and guacamole, so now we're going to play our game. It's kind of like when you go to a Chinese food restaurant, and you get your fortune cookie at the end, and there's a little piece of paper inside with your fortune. So it works the same way.

So inside each of these little Smidgets is a piece of paper. Some of them say "Congratulations, you've won free." The other ones say "Congratulations, you've won me." So if you choose the Smidget that says "Congratulations, you've won free," lucky you. You get to take your Smidget home.

But if you get the one that says "Congratulations, you've won me," you're really lucky, because you get to take this Smidget home, and I'll upsize you to an even bigger gift. If you do choose the one that says "You've won me," that means we need to pencil in a date into my date book so that we can make you a yummy recipe too, maybe some strawberry margaritas and brownies or some blueberry crumble. I have lots of different recipes that are really yummy that I can make for you and your friends.

So if you choose the one that says "Congratulations, you've won me," Tammy the Tupperware lady, and you don't give me a date this evening, I'm going to send the Tupperware police from Orlando to take back your Smidget. You wouldn't want that. So I'll assume that if you're keeping your Smidget, you've either won it free or you've won me, so I'll give you a special gift to take home with you. So that is the Smidget Game.

So for the Straw Game, I start it off on more of a serious note. Actually, I recently watched the video with the sea turtle and he had the straw stuck up his nose. And it's really disturbing. So I got thinking, you know what? We have our Tupperware straws. And I know that many people play the Straw Game. So I'm going to try it too. So I've had much success with it as well.

So I tie on the different keychains. And I do want everybody to want one of these the same as they do the Smidget. So I will go through and talk about the bowl, what they can use it for. They can put their change inside. They can put M&Ms in there if they have a chocolate emergency. The little grater—they can use it to shred cinnamon, ginger, different things like that.

The keychain—the other FridgeSmart Keychain— same thing. They can put their change in there. Everybody loves the Shape O Toy Keychain. And with the magnets, you might be lucky enough to have a little person that makes pictures for you. You can take the magnet to put their picture on the fridge, OK?

So this looks nice and colorful. And I do go around to each person with both games. I take it over to them and ask them if they'd like to play, pass it to them. And if they don't want to play, they can say "Pass." And I let them know the same thing— if they choose the one, with the Straw Game, that says "Congratulations, you've won me," we need to pencil in a date this evening, keeping in mind it helps Ashley in her quest to earn more free Tupperware.

So once you've played your games, it's really important that you get your date book out and get the dates in your book right away. We need to keep your business going. So dating in close is very important.

So I've already gone through my date book and marked in my family, important family commitments that I have, personal appointments, different things like that. And I take a highlighter and I highlight in green where I'd like to do Tupperware. So I already know.

So Mary, how about Wednesday, September 26 or Thursday the 27th—what works for you? So be direct with them. It doesn't work very well if you just hold up your book and say, "OK, Mary. Pick a date." That's not very effective, and it takes a long time too. So once she chooses the date, decide on the time. "Mary, what works for you, 6:30?" I usually say, "What works for you and your friends—6:30 or 7:00?"

So get her name in there, get the time in there. Ask her what recipe she'd like to make, if she knows. If she doesn't know, you can decide that later. Ask her her address, put that in there. And her phone number— "Mary, do you text?"—and put the cell phone in there.

I find texting is a really great way to keep in touch with my hosts. I let them know that they can ask me any questions any time of day because I turn my phone off at night so they don't have to worry about waking me up. Maybe she has questions about the recipes, or her friend might have a piece of broken Tupperware.

But if she needs help adding up her orders— because you'll explain to them the importance of getting outside orders— you don't want her to get frustrated. You want her to be able to get as many outside orders as she can. So I also give her my number, which is on the Party Pass, and I've written it here in a Sharpie pen. It's right there, so she sees that number and I point that out to her.

It's also a really good idea to connect with people on Facebook. You can create that relationship with them ahead of time too. So with the address, you have that.

So it's a good idea to get in the habit of sending your people Thank You cards. Make them up when you get home that night, or the next morning, and pop them in the mail. We all love to get Thank You cards in the mail. Cheryl's taught us that—how special it is to get mail. And then they have that date on the card, and they can refer to it. And it makes them feel special.

With your Party Pass, be sure you have them ready. I have, usually, three ready to go. But they come in a package of five. So it's a great idea to get all your Party Packs ready with your recipe, your catalogs, your brochures, your order forms—everything that you need. I actually have an example of an order form that I do put in there for people so that they know how to add them up. So have those ready to go when you're dating.

And I think I've covered everything. But dating parties is so important. Try to step outside your comfort zone. Try not to be shy. But do try the dating games. It might work for you.

I'm going to try the Dice Game next. I found these at the Dollar Store in our area. And I have been partying with a group doing many parties. And I'd like to change it up and add in a new game for them.

So I'm going to try the Dice Game. So wish me luck on that. The last time I played it was outdoors, and it was a tiny little die that fell down between the deck boards. But I'd like to try it. I think it will be fun.

So thank you, Cheryl, for inviting me to speak to everybody this evening. Wishing you all the best during October's record breaker, and hoping your date book will be nice and full. Thank you. [♪ music ♪]

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EN - Tammy Thirnbeck - DateATon 2018

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