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John Dowden Overview V2

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Good afternoon I'm John Dowden, senior project manager. And we are today here at our AFIS Internet Conference And we are in the exhibit hall and we are demonstrating a number of our biometrics and video analytics products We capture and process finger, face latents, palms, facial recognition , iris recognition and now enterprise video analytics So the product we have here is our Integra -ID Integrative Biometrics Work station. This is our top selling product. Used by 19 states and 36 local law enforcement agencies And we sell this to agencies for their records and ID bureaus to their crime labs And they can scan fingerprint cards, palm rec cards. They can enter latent prints to search and solve crime. And we have developed it and delivered it on Windows 10 so it's easy and effective to use. In our latest product that we have great expectatiions for is NeoFace EVA. EVA stands for Enterprise Video Analytics If you think today we have proliferation of video analytic cameras around us, and what NEC has done we process this video for a number of different modalities. From facial recognition, object detection and behavioral recognition. And we can provide this to law enforcement to track one its suspects and to hopefully prevent crimes Looking for people leaving objects at major events or investigating crime after the fact. The use cases for NeoEVA is real time video surveillance from fixed video cameras even from body wearable cameras. You can also do watchlist monitoring You can detect objects at events or buildings left behind like backpacks, and then also you can monitor the perimeter, see people going to unwanted areas and sending alert notifications. And this product we have here is our smart scan station product. It's a live scan product. And you use it for enrollment, rest or applicant purposes. It is designed to capture multi modal biometrics , fingerprints, palmprints, mugshots, irises and more. In the primary purpose of smart scan station is to capture the biometrics and send them to our back end Integra ID for biometric in search in storage. Thank you for coming to our AFIS Internet Conference, into our exhibit hall. If you want to learn more about our products go to

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John Dowden Overview V2

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