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Christina Aguilera Oprah Interview

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Pop Queen Christina Aguilera made all women feel beautiful with her grammy winning hit. One of the most successful recording artist of the last decade. Christina has sold more than 30 million records, earned five grammys and been compared to Barbra Streisand, Whitney Houston and CĂ©line Dion. With one of the finest voices of her generation Christina has been belting it out since she was six years old as she grew up so did her music and her image. Married now for four years to music executive Jordan Bratman Christina has been busy raising the couple's two year old son Max and decorating their over the top Beverly Hills mansion once owned by The Osbournes. Now Christina is back with her first new album in four years Bionic and new single that is very provocative [applauses] Oprah: And of course she is going to take the stage in just a few minutes I hear a tonight popper, but first let's catch up. Welcome Christina Aguilera Christina: [giggles] thank you, thank you Oprah: I was just telling her before we started, your lips are perfection Christina: Oh my gosh, my make-up artist Christopher Buckle is gonna die Oprah: Oh no it d-uh perfection Christina: [giggles] Oprah: has this break been good for you? Christina: Uh, has this break been good for me? Yes becoming a mother since the break I like to take time in between records to just live life for a moment, gather my thoughts, my inspirations for what the next record's gonna be Oprah: And when you're just living life, what are you doing? Christina: Uh just relaxing, taking it all in absorbing my surroundings and getting comfortable we bought a new home, I had a child, enjoyed my pregnancy I just take those moments to live life so that I can be inspired even more so as an artist. Oprah: And I understand that earlier...

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Posted by: humbruiz on Mar 21, 2012

Christina Aguilera in the Oprah show on Radio City Music Hall talking about Bionic

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