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Dear Viewers, a new country is founded in the heart of Europe. It's name, in quotation marks, is "Liberland". They name the lands they occupy as a "country" for, apparently, there is no legal prejudice in doing so. Yes, they have a flag, hanging right behind me. And they have a Constitution. On the other hand, they are against taxation. They are also against the EU and Schengen, even though they are located in the centre of Europe. Their credo is total freedom and Turks constitute the biggest group they receive citizenship application from. And this is the interesting part of the whole thing. Vít Jedlička, the president of the most recently founded country in the world spoke to Haberturk... Now, our special interview with Vít Jedlička. There rose a new country in the heart of Europe: Liberland. Also known as the Liberty Country. It is located between Serbia and Croatia, occupying a 7 kilometresquare land on the banks of the Danube river. The capital city of Liberland is called Liberpolis. And its president is Vít Jedlička. In fact, Vít Jedlička is a citizen of the Czech Republic. He has been a MP for Czech Party of Free Citizens. He then discovered a terra nullius between Croatia and Serbia. He decided to found a country on this piece of land. We believed in the importance of founding a new country for people who believe in freedom. They founded Liberland on 13 April 2015 and held a small election between themselves. Vít Jedlička was elected the president of the country. We held elections. At the borders of Liberland, I, my girlfriend and a friend of ours set a committee. I was elected the President as a result of this election. We had to start from somewhere, in order to found a new country. We started working with only 3 people. We have thousands of citizenship applications at the moment. Can you draw the borders of Liberland on this map? It is right here. You can come to Liberland via Budapest, via Osijek, Zagreb or via Belgrade. Liberland's flag has been designed by Czech artists. As Jedlička didn't want to carry this flag with him, he had it printed and sewn up in Turkey. What does your flag symbolize? What do the colours and symbols signify? Yellow stands for free trade and capitalism. Black signifies an opposition against the system. The tree signifies abundance and fertility. The bird means freedom. The blue river and the sun right there signify the positive attitude of Liberland. The President of Liberland travels the world to meet the leaders of liberalism he defends. He came to Turkey to visit Cem Toker, the leader of Liberal Democratic Party and asked for his support. Why do we extend support to them? Jedlička has found a solid legal foundation for Liberland. And he is a politician, a Czech politician who is totally for liberal values. And we are a liberal political entity who are eager to collaborate with all other liberal organisations in Turkey as well as the world, In order to raise awareness about liberalism in Turkey, to promote the philosophy, make people learn what it is. That's why we decided to give total logistics support to Jedlička in Turkey. Liberland is named as the smallest country in Europe after Vatican and Monaco. Vít Jedlička says that they receive citizenship applications from around the world. Majority of applications are from Egypt. Turkey ranks as the second country with 42.000 applications. Prospective citizens from Turkey dream of establishing the first pide or kokorec restaurant in Liberland. The rest of the countries with most applicants are Czech Republic with 9000 applicants, USA with 8000, Serbia with 6500 and Switzerland with 3000. Liberland accepts citizenship applications via its official website. The country has 173.603 followers on Facebook. To be a part of the lucky 5.000, applicants are elected according to two criteria: First, regardless of industry, one has to be able to volunteer work for 3-4 months to assist the development of Liberland. The second criterion is to pay 10.000 merits to help build Liberland. Accepted as Liberland's currency, one merit equals one dollar in Liberland's internet platform. In other words, a merit equals a dollar. We are thinking about eliminating people who don't donate $10.000 or work voluntarily to develop Liberland for 3-4 months. In this sense, voluntary work is more important than donations. People from across the world has already started to go to Liberland. "I have come for Liberland. I don't feel belonging anywhere. I came here to be able to feel free." "At last we are here. After 16 hours of journey." People at first thought that this was a joke. But in my opinion, countries with high tax rates in the world must be joking. Liberland has professional teams to establish diplomatic relations and missions in 45 countries. These countries include Turkey, USA, UK, Venezuela, France, Japan and Belgium. According to the President, Liberland won't tax its citizens. The government will only accept donations. I can't tell you this, but I what I can tell is that I'll be there by December. The President says there exists Turkish companies who intend to relocate their HQs in Liberland, as the country is a tax haven. But he doesn't drop names. I can't tell you their names. I gave them my word. How about the constitution, then? Our constitution is written by constitutional legists in the UK. We tried to work out a constitution that would fit us best, mixing American and Swiss laws and contributing our own ideas. Contrary to many countries, we are open to same sex marriage, as we believe that governments should not intervene in these matters. Same applies to education. We believe that individuals educate themselves, the state doesn't educate individuals. If Liberland accomplishes its goal and settlements start this year, can that many people fit into such a small piece of land? Considering Beyoğlu spans only 9 kilometers yet accommodates 245.000 people, it seems plausible that 5.000 people to dwell in 7 squarekilometers of land. How about possible problems that may affect you in the future? In fact, at the moment, Croatia is indirectly assisting our border safety. They don't let anyone cross into Croatia from our side. If you come near Liberland at this moment, you would behold many Croatian border guards in the area. I believe we'll overcome this problem too. Croatian cops arrest anyone they spot at the border. They even treated the President of Liberland as if he was an illegal trespasser. "Let him go. He is a citizen of Liberland. You are within the borders of Liberland" What if Middle Eastern immigrants come at your door? They usually prefer countries with strong social security systems. It is for the same reason that they want to go to Germany. We don't have the resources to provide them such security. As a matter of fact, Liberland doesn't favour the European Union, neither it does the Schengen agreement. Does this project have a chance of success? I don't know if it does or not. I mean I don't know if it can achieve that goal. He said "no one in the world recognizes me as a state at the moment" In response, I recommended him to recognize Northern Cyprus, if he believes that he is a state. He would be the first state to recognize TRNC, after Turkey.

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Haberturk's interview with Mr. President Vit

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