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MyKabbalah Lesson 4 mission 5 Engsmall

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Ask for Help - Visualization Hi guys. You're doing great. As you practice, asking the Light, acknowledging the Light, acknowledging the soul, and inviting the Light and asking it for help. Here is a meditation for us to start to feel the soul, to start to feel the Light. Before we start, please take that situation, that process that you identified that you need help with, and have it in front of you. Ready? Now put it away and sit down comfortably. If you need to shake up a little bit in order to relax, do so. Put your hands loose on the side Great. Start by taking a few deep breaths. Maybe you need to stretch yourself a little bit. Let the tension from the day out. Take a few deep breaths. Now you can close your eyes and continue breathing deeply. It's OK. There may be thoughts that are coming in. Let them pass. Dissolve As you continue breathing, feel yourself relax. Follow my voice and see yourself in a place where you feel safe, positive. Maybe it's on the seaside, on the beautiful grass, in a room in your house, where you feel warm, safe, where you feel free to be yourself. Now remember the situation, the challenge that you're going through. See yourself starting to breath in Light. Although you're in a difficult, challenging, painful or stressful situation, for a moment, know that it's all good. Start breathing Light. Focus again on your breath. As you breathe, see a beautiful, sparkling, white light come inside of you. As you breath, this light fills up your entire being. See how this light fills up your head, your shoulders, your arms, your hands, your torso, your legs. Keep on breathing this beautiful light. Start to feel enveloped by this light. Enjoy this beautiful, warm light. Feel the calmness, the peace. Feel the love, the care that the Light has for you. Feel how the Light is giving you the strength, the warmth, the compassion, the love that you need right now. The Light is giving you the clarity, the energy, the happiness you need to face anything. Feel the unity there is. Of how the Light put this challenge for you. There's a huge blessing here. Ask the Light, who loves you so much, just ask the Light, "Light, I need help." "I need help to be proactive, to see, to allow the Light to heal me." "I need help to surrender myself to what is a beautiful process." And as I open myself up to receive the Light, this Light is flowing through me, healing me, opening up my heart, clearing me, cleansing me, giving me energy and liveliness. As I enjoy this moment, I am grateful that the Light is always there. And I embrace it. I allow myself to be a channel, a conduit of this beautiful energy. And through me, it extends to everything in my life. With this beautiful energy that I'm going to take back with me, into my current life, knowing that the light in my soul is always there. I just need to ask, to invite, to acknowledge that all the support I need is there. I'm going to count to three. When I get to three, we're going to open our eyes, refreshed, energized. One, I take a deep breath, knowing the Light is with me. Feeling it, feeling the energy Two, three. I can open my eyes. Good. Continue doing this meditation. Continue doing the beautiful work. We're going to see in the next mission where we're going to complete the Proactive Formula to include the Light, to include this energy with us. See you there.

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