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C7Lecture2: Past, Present and Future of the Stroke

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To move like Roger that is gracefully and effortlessly and naturally. It takes more than just being in shape and getting to each ball, setting up and trying to execute. You have to have a deeper understnding of each stroke and that deep understanding is the past, present and future of the stroke. Notice on these great players they are running wide, they spread out with that left hand not only to hold the 45 but that left hand represents the future of the stroke. You have to go into each stroke with that in mind, you are not just running because that is the past. You running with the present always in mind as you stare down the 45 degree angle and ready to come out into the finish. Its very important that you see each stroke in its completion you know in its entirety and that is the past, present and future of the stroke. The hips are always continuous so in that alone you are representing all 3 right the past, present and future. The upper body in many cases as on the forehand will spread out to represent the future of stroke on the backhand its your eyes. You see your eyes by staying in the court and not turning your head to the side but keeping your eyes fixed forward as much as possible you see Roger doing it all the time as he goes into the stroke. That represents the future where you are going. Your hips are going to be coming right back out so there is no reason to dwell in the past of the stroke. So it sounds a little complex but its really not just think about this idea that each stroke has a past, present and a future. It will really help you in your mobility on the court. I mean Pete was great at the volley see that left hand spread out. If he brought that left across he would be caught in the past of the stroke which is what happened to Andy Roddick in the fifth set against Federer that one back hand volley where he over turned and got caught late on the ball. That was the end of the match but you know to make each stroke count especially when you are moving play each ball with that in mind. Right not only the past not only the movement and not only the 45 the contact but also the future of the stroke.

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Understand the life of the stroke, past, present and future.

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