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Créer un lien en brossant votre cheval (sous-titres français)

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New World Sanctuary Foundation In a world where conformity rules ... ... ... One woman ... looked within ... ... and found herself ... ... ... ... A woman who became a trailblazer ... ... Living in integrity with Ren Hurst Q&A from a live Vegan Publishers FB on August 18th 2016 Hi, I'm Ren Hurst, I'm the author of Riding on the Power of Others and I'm also the founder and executive director of the New World Sanctuary Foundation in Southern Oregon. Q: I could spend hours grooming my boy, this is my therapy, no riding. Am i doing something that maybe he wouldn't want? Well, the answer to that is, try not grooming or anything for a little while. Like remove every way you control him when you spend time with him. So, if you're putting him in a halter when you're grooming him, take the halter off. I mean, just try this., try this for a week. Take away every single way that you control him in order to spend time with him. That could look like giving him treats or feeding things outside of what he actually needs. No halters, no ropes, no control of any way, and just spend some quiet time with him, getting to know who he is outside of any of those obligations and any of your own desires and see if you don't start to see him change. Now, obviously, there's a whole lot more to that than i just said, but if you start noticing some changes, let him be your guide. First of all, i don't ever recommend grooming horses if they are being controlled like if they're haltered and tied up. Let the horse tell you if he's ok with it or not by being free, first of all physically and then present the brush, asking if it's ok and see how his body responds. Does he stay? Does he walk away? Does he seem to enjoy it? But always give him the option to leave and that's how you know. But depending on how conditioned he is or how much previous trauma, it's a little harder for those horses to have an accurate voice.

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Posted by: chrissie00 on Sep 18, 2016

Ren nous explique comment se rapprocher de son cheval en le brossant.
Le site de Ren:

Aidez-moi à fonder un sanctuaire: http//

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