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Let us go ahead and click on the "Production Control". To begin with, I will do a quick demo in regard to the stages that are available. I can create a brand new production order here manually. We start with one of the raw materials that they had. As a matter of fact, you see it for D002. Indeed, it is automatically looking at the default order settings assigned a warehouse that are available and knows exactly what BOM is available for it. Hypothetically, if I change this to size seven, I do not have any warehouse here. This says "Insert the active version for this site," I say, sure. As a matter of fact, I do not have any warehouse, but this BOM version will appear. Right within here, I can see exactly things that I have changed in there, which I am going to come back to and we are going to play around with that, but, at this moment, I am only looking at the site one in order to show you what is going on. You have not released the warehouse because it is integrated with advance warehouse management. You have two flavors of it. You have a capability for either types of environment, like for batch or for discrete manufacturing. Would you allow full or partial reservation? When do you want to do the reservation? This is giving you a good opportunity in order to have a bit more efficient... That means if you do not even have enough raw material, you could still do a partial reservation, but, prior to starting the operation, you may want to fulfill the rest of the items that needs to be reserved. And at what stage would you like to reserve it? Is it manually? Is it at the time of a scheduling? Is it at the time of a start or release? As soon as I create this, let us say I am going to just have one. I click "Create". You notice that a new production order gets generated within the discrete. Assuming that I do have all of my configuration met in regard to availability, resources, and all that, we basically have this production. Pay attention, as soon as you create a production order, the status is created. If I take a look at the manage costs and take a look at view calculation details, you notice that nothing has been calculated because you just made it and that could be deleted. No big deal whatsoever. After this, you need to start by going through the production order and do the estimation. At this stage, depending on the bill of material, you basically find out exactly how much of raw material do you need, and based on the profit level setting, it finds out exactly how much are you going to use the material for, how much it is going to cost you, and how much you should sell it for. Needless to say, on the general aspects of it, you see pretty much the same thing. Now you can always schedule it any time you see it run in the background and receive alerts and schedule based on recurrences. I click "OK". At this stage, system automatically estimates to see how much of raw material would you need. You notice that by going back to action pane of manage costs, you can see the view calculation detail. At this stage, based on my standard profit margin, it knows exactly how much does it cost me to produce one and how much would be suggested to be sold. As you notice, it is showing the rate, surcharges, et cetera, which is talking about the costing sheet, which we have different discussion. You could basically create a costing sheet based on the cost group and adding additional formula, finding out exactly how much is for the material, for the labor, and the rest of the overhead. And the more, usually, you produce, the less cost it is going to have. After it is been estimated, you can schedule it, you could indeed say, "I would like to have a rough scheduling as part of a schedule for operation." You could also have a more definite scheduling, which is a scheduling by job. You can specify even the time in which you would like to get started. Remember, these are the stages that you go through. If I bypass the scheduling, that means you immediately want to schedule it. So when I release it, what will happen, certain information will be indeed created. As a matter of fact, you have a capability to specify if this bill of material consists of a route and route group, which I can take advantage of this bill of material and take a look at the designer again this route and find out exactly what this route is all about. You can take a look at the details of it. This route consists of three different operations. One is polishing, which is literally categorization of that operation. The other one is assembly and padding. Every single one of these requires to have to have certain resource requirements. Whoever wants to do the polishing, they have to have a capability of dealing with the cabinet production and polishing side of it, whereas assembly, they have to be capable of doing the assembly. You can see the resources load and the time, setting things up, operating things, et cetera. The operation 10 goes to the next operation, which is 20, and then goes to the 30 and then it stops at this time. Having said that, you can specify to say, "I only want to release from operation, for example, 10 to operation, let us say, 20 and do not do the operation 30." And if I have more than the quantity of one, you can say only release a portion of it rather than and all of it. Let us go ahead and just click. Now it progresses from estimated to scheduled, which is immediate, and then it becomes released.

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