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Tibet, Last Scream! on Kickstarter

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Hi, my name is Eric Meyer, I am a French journalist based in Beijing. I talk to you from the Lama Temple, core of Tibetan Lamaism in the Chinese capital. You could call it the foreyard of Tibet, where Tibetans and Han Chinese for 60 years already lead their uneasy coexistence. This Kingdom Of The Snow, we crisscrossed it for 15 days three years ago, thanks to a rare permit granted by the government. We discovered the monasteries, the surreal blue light of the high mountain lakes. We visited a traditional hospital, a school for blinds run by a Jesuit father, and the highest ecological reserve in the world. By sheer chance, we bumped into a festival of the deads, where thousands of Tibetans were dancing three days long under heavy surveillance. We also saw Lhasa, Xigatze, Giantze, not to forget the T-27 train, Beijing-Lhasa, and its world highest station at 5035m. From those elements, I wrote that book, "Tibet, last scream!" and Laurent illustrated it with his emotion-laden, black and white pics. Then, we opened this subscription to get ourselves published, because our insight of the Roof Of The World, does not conform with any of the 2 classical pictures of Tibet. Tibet is no place of a cultural genocide, and it is neither a social laboratory of Chinese socialism, but simply a society trying to emerge from a too rapid mutation which replaces its pastoral way of life into an urban life … where kids go to school, mothers to supermarkets and teenagers to discotheques at night, under this iron order, where there is an obvious risk of rejection. But there is also the chance of a bicultural society of the future, where the Tibetans could bring in their sense of spirituality and the Han Chinese, their gift for materialistic organization. So please, do help us to get published, while giving whatever you feel, after clicking on the green square button here below [@]. And please notice, the sale of the books will support 2 charities in Tibet, one for young blind pupils, and the other to help Tibetans and Han Chinese to meet and talk. For all those potential beneficiaries, we thank you in advance, Laurent and I !

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Posted by: dmeyer on Nov 30, 2011

In 2008, photographer Laurent Zylberman and journalist Éric Meyer were the only free-lance pressmen allowed into Tibet to report on the autonomous region since the March 2008 riots.
In this video, Éric describes a project released on The two are in the process of raising the money to publish their vision on current Tibet, supported by numerous "backers" on Kickstarter. They have already funded half of the money needed to print and translate a beautiful, 208 pages volume about their unuasual trip, The book will contain a diary written by Éric Meyer and illustrated with 40 b & w photographs by Laurent Zylberman.

Please support the publishing and secure your own copy through visiting:

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