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C7L4: Execute When Pulled Wide

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Drilling as I always say is fine and good, its how you drill not the drills you do. When you get to be a 5.0 or when your players get to hit 5.0 or better or open players they are going to need to hit this wide ball with deadly efficiency. They are going to have to have two shots shots on their racket cross court or down the line and able to change at a moments notice. Its not the terribly hard to do if you use your principles. Hold your coil, use your non hitting hand properly and be razor sharp at the 45 while you maintain a still head atop your shoulders and your vertical axis stays true. Its a piece of cake stay on balance to contact where you are going to have the optimal control and power. So before we start drilling lets take a look at some of the players see what they do and how it helps you to maintain all these functions while your playing. One is to throw that left foot back what that does is help you stay lined up at the 45 throughout the contact. See that a lot of players will do that on the two hander and the one hander cause you have a tendency to swing around too early. The other thing is we have talked about the future of the stroke, that left hand represents the future and it allows you to now. See Djokovic can go cross court or down the lines, even though the down line looked where he was going that seemed to be where he was going that left hand gave him some place to finish. He could actually hit the cross court. So now he is on the dead run on the backhand as well keep the future in mind see how he is running with his hips and chest sort of trying to face the net. See that something is always facing the net his chest or his hips throughout the run. So here once again because he didn't go into the past and look at the side of the fence he can be at the 45 at contact. The other thing I talk about a lot on this running forehand or backhand is to hold your coil don't let it out too early or you are just going to spray the ball wide or long. The arm stays concave look here at Novak see his right and his left arm are both coiled, see that they are both still coiled. So only now as he comes into it see how he unfolds slowly into the contact, slowly I mean with his hips and his body but his racket picks up speed going from concave to convex. What Roger does a lot is come back one more and just goes straight out to the 45 degree angle so he is going to concave again. His body is still lined up even after the shot is through he is so committed to this 45 degree angle. Look at him the ball is way gone look at his hips still at the 45. Djokovic has a great passing shot thats why I am using him here on a lot of shots, I usually use Roger anyway. Look at how he immediately lines up look at those hips, see he is going on a dead run but his hips aren't turned to the side they are at the 45 lining up the shot. There he is still open to the net, look his head is still forward looking into the future and on the backhand you don't have the left hand so you need your body and your eyes to represent the future. Once again he has held his coil and only with the turn of his hips he goes from concave to convex. See that its a result of his hip rotation so at contact he is perfectly lined up with the 45 degree angle. You see there is not a lot of movement in his stroke just a lot of internal movement being held with the coil in his arms. Make sure when your players go out there to do their drills on these wide shots lets take another look at one more. They are doing them with these things in mind you have to be constantly eye balling your students to make sure that they have the future represented they are holding their coil, their vertical axis is true and they are looking forward because the key here is to have two shots on every racket. When he is going to this ball you are not supposed to know if he is going cross court or down the line see that left hand spread and there it is it can go either way. So he switched it before he took that exact same shot and went cross court with the slightest of adjustments. Thats what you want on these running passing shots. Go ahead and do your wind shield wiper drills or just feed balls wide or have your students hit cross court to cross court but make sure you are looking for all of our principles. They want to be able to change directions if they need to. You know that cross court down the line drill is still my favorite. You might want to try that one which is in this months lessons . Lets take a look at one more Novak. See there is nice coil in both arms hips are around and bam takes this same ball and goes cross court.

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Here is a very important shot - forehands and backhands when pulled wide. Learn how to approach them and how to execute.

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