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【聖賢教育 改變命運】我被十三所學校開除﹣胡斌

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Think about how young the grandson is Between 2 and 8 years old Has he done anything for the family? What merits has he got? What contributions has he made? None. Just purely enjoying himself and consuming things And? Six people, papa, mama, grandparents on both sides, all dedicated their energy to him The grandparents have labored all their lives but end up waiting on him They supplied their grandson with the money and best things they have saved The grandson didn't deserve it all The child couldn't bear all that and crushed like a table Why did he get sick? That's why Every single day. Because you didn't care for him right You must love your child the right way Time is limited. I must make it brief There's a lot more I wanted to say Last thing How does cancer and stones happen? How does cancer happen? This is a napkin. I always tell you the napkin story You must tell it to your family When we get angry...this is our cell, a cell in our body The cell is this You want a proof? Look, when you get angry, your face turns blue, your hands and feet are cold, and your blue veins are exposed Your face is twisted, and your internal organs are twisted too You want an example? I'll tell you a tragedy of my family In the 1980s My mother's parents were in their 60s My grandmother hadn't learned the traditional ways of waiting on a husband She didn't know how to be a wife and she had a lot of children One day my grandpa came back feeling angry He just turned 60 and he was upset with something He had a loud voice and walked steadily. He was in good shape But he came back angrily that day We know our cells are twisted when we're angry The bag-shaped stomach is twisted too Try it for yourself if you don't believe it When you're angry, you have no appetite even when the best food is presented to you Why not? Because your stomach has nerve system, which tells your brain

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Posted by: amtbglo on Jan 30, 2012


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