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Rachel, welcome, it's lovely to have you this afternoon here. You are the Church of England National Mission and Evangelism Advisor. It’s the snappy title that rolls off the tongue. [Yeah, nice and short] As we’re preparing for this, these 11 days of prayer and we pray Thy Kingdom Come – what happens do you think when we pray Thy Kingdom Come? I think, at first, often we think something mega is going to happen that’s big somewhere else. But often I think God puts a mirror on us I always find it comes straight back to the challenge of me and whether God, whether I am willing to let God’s Kingdom Come in my life first. And what does that look like, if you are? It looks like, for example, you get on the tube in the morning. I live in London and you get on the tube as its really jammed. And you have remembered to take your rucksack off because that’s on all the posters. To be nice to people you take off your rucksack and have it down there, so there’s space then. And then a person crams in behind you in that last minute before the doors shut. And their rucksack is on their back. And their rucksack hits into you. And your like, my instant reaction is, haven’t they read the posters, I am really frustrated, he’s just squashed into my space… And then I remember I have prayed – Thy Kingdom Come and I am like oh.. So I turn round to look at this person and I then I think, I wonder if anyone has ever prayed for him in the whole of his life. And then I start to pray for him that God’s Kingdom would come in his life and it’s that change in me that I think is where God’s kingdom needs to come first. When we’re looking at the church as a whole and we pray Thy Kingdom Come, what would be your hope coming out of these 11 days? What’s your vision for where it goes? If you think about all those individuals and if we all are saying, God you can start with me - then that’s huge - that transformation is a massive wave, it’s a massive wave of people who are going to act differently in every circumstance. We’re gonna be almost at the disposal of God everywhere that we have put Him; wherever He has put us – if He’s put us in an office, if He’s put in a garage, if He’s put us in a supermarket – in all of those places - suddenly, there is a representative of God’s Kingdom on earth and that changes every situation that they’re in. And so I hope that it will then be open to being that representative – be that we’re praying for people, be that we act differently, that we speak out about injustice, be it that we speak about our faith, that we are really letting God work in us so that there is that massive movement – but that it is through each of us together. So that point about speaking out about our faith, because obviously one of the things we are doing in those 11 days is praying for people to come to Jesus Christ and become His disciples. What can people do to prepare themselves, to be the answer to the prayer they are praying? So in the way you describe – so how can people get a bit more ready for it. One of the things is practice – practice with other Christian friends. It’s really interesting, if you ask in your church, or midweek you could just have a go at sharing something that God – what has God done for you this week or this month? What would you say in response to that the question? And so we could practice it a bit, and then that means when we are in that position and we are chatting to a friend and they are saying ‘what’s that like?’ We are not in a position where we are scrabbling going ‘oh, er, oh' ‘Oh well just this last week- you know –just this last week for example – I got on the tube, and’ You could even give that example – it could be a really small thing – it doesn’t have to be you know you came off drugs with the help of Jesus. It could be a small thing in the way that He has changed your life or how He has helped you in any given circumstance. But even if we thought about it in advance, maybe practised it, we would be ready for when someone opens that door for us to speak. Thank you very much

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