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Thunderbird: il rapace delle mail

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Mozilla Thunderbird is a mail client, or a program to receive, organize, write and send email. As the big brother Firefox, Thunderbird is a free software and in its category is among the best in service. Surely the first, if you consider that it is available for all major operating systems. It is the software for you? Let's look it in action! Here's how the software appears to you: nothing new, isn't? The column with the folders, the list of messages, the preview of the selected message. If you do not have a very large screen, you can put down the preview pane. If you have a few folders, give him more space. Not enough? Drag! In short, you go it, right? Let's go to the point! How does it react to the viruses? If you use GNU/Linux or Mac, viruses are certainly not a concern. However Thunderbird communicates with your antivirus software and no program or script may start by itself. Even the virus. But Thunderbird is not limited to this. Do you know those sibylline mails from your bank where you are urgently asked to reconfirm your password, check and go to your account etc.? Almost always they are scams, which aims to get your personal data to steal your money. When you click the marked address, Thunderbird checks that it is really the site to which you are connecting and not a clone. If something does not fit, it tells you immediately. Question: do you know why Thunderbird doesn't load the remote images in the mail? Because they are bait! If you want you can view them. But when the image is loaded, unknowingly, you give confirmation that your mail is active and you become a precise target for spammers. Spam. Unbearable, isn't? But not only mails on viagra, billionaire wins, and meetings with beautiful full of desire girls. those from our loquacious friends, too who send us 15 mail per day full of foolishness... But Thunderbird is a formidable ally in the handling of mail. It is integrated with a Bayesian spam filter which learns, thanks to your guidance, to recognize the unwanted mails. With the help of labels, you can assign keywords to the mails, which may be useful in setting priorities. Then not only is it possible to create specific folders to store the mail, but also filters that perform certain actions, such as automatically sort the mail in their folders. And if this isn't enough, you can even create Smart Folders that collect messages with specific characteristics. We're talking about the brother of firefox, aren't we? As the big brother, Thunderbird can be enhanced with extensions, or small programs that provide more functionality. An example for all is Lightning, that in the next version, will become part of Thunderbird by default. I would advise you to install it immediately because it offers a confortable schedule, manage appointments, tasks and send us an email to remember them. It can also synchronize with Google calendars or with your phone. And always as his brother, Thunderbird can be configured to fit your needs: There are dozens and dozens of themes that can be applied. Stop it! Let's continue ... Thunderbird is an RSS reader, too. You don't use them yet? You have time to lose! Thunderbird get in touch regularly with your favorite sites and check if there are new articles, new posts or updates. And speaking of updates, Thunderbird warns you when new versions are available! But stop for a moment. Who knows how many of you have tried to configure your mail client, but they didn't get to do it. Why? Easy! Many free mail services require to go through their portal to check the inbox. Otherwise, where can they place the advertising? But even in this case the free software allows you to circumvent these obstacles! And not with one, but two solutions! The first is an extension, called precisely Webmail. It allows you to configure Thunderbird so easy to download mails from the main online inboxes. The second solution is more complex but complete. It's an application which comes between the mail client and the portal, and allows the access to almost all webmail. Users of gmail have solved any problem, because Thunderbird is already prepared for this type of account and you can set up it in seconds. In all these functions, however, we have forgotten the primary need for a mail client. Writing emails. But have you doubted that Thunderbird could not have an integrated spell checker, an address book and templates? Come on... Ah ... just in case you decide to migrate from another mail client: Thunderbird offers you the opportunity to do it recovering a large part of the information. So is the program that's right for you? If you believe that these videos are useful, help us to create new ones! How? Distribute them as much as possible: you are allowed by the licence, we choise it on purpose! Let us know what you liked and what should be improved, correct the text of the new episodes, or evaluate video previews. Participate in the research and development of the text, help us to resolve some technical problems or even help translate the texts in other languages! Make a donation, become a sponsor, or put us in contact with possible donors. Subscribe to the newsletter of the project, and choose how to cooperate. Or follow the work in the "Cantiere" (dockyard)! Every little help is valuable. See you soon!

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PinGuide. Un'introduzione al mondo del Software Libero Episodio 1 Presentazione di Mozilla Thunderbird, il client di posta open source sicuro ed efficace

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