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ICS Impulse - Choose your next step to helping more vestibular patients(3)

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ICS Impulse gives you more ways to help patients with vestibular disorders. ICS Impulse brings efficiency, accuracy and accessibility to balance testing in one customizable solution. Now you can record eye movement and room video with Video Frenzel as its all six semi-circular canals using Video Head Impulse diagnose and treat BPPV with Positional Test and use the lastest Oculomotor testing methods to find out if the disorder is central or peripheral. With ICS Impulse you achieve greater precision and faster diagnosis. A modular, portable solution that is easy to implement. ICS Impulse scales to your needs and can bring vestibular gold standard testing to more of your patients. Enter the world of ICS Impulse with the Video Frenzel Module. You can easily assess and treat patients with vestibular symptoms. The latest USB Goggles available and advanced modular software provide video recording of eye and room with superior high resolution image quality. Assess the patient with vision or vision denied. Update the Video Frenzel to include additional test modules at any time. The ICS Impulse Video Head Impulse Test is the result of decades of research. It continues to be the only vHIT system available that it's been approved by doctors Halmagyi and Curthoys. Based on their work, we now introduce built in published stage normative data for easier analysis of results. Now you can assess and treat patients with Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo using ICS Impulse. With Head Position Feedback and real time slow faced velocity, SPV analysis, you can perform Positional testing and re-positioning manoeuvres with great accuracy. Central, peripheral or both, the Oculomotor test assists you in making this determination. The innovative googles and the advanced test battery make it possible to determine the presence of a central pathology at the bed side or in the clinic.

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ICS Impulse - Choose your next step to helping more vestibular patients(3)

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