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Jason lecture

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The new xx it's called the Old Grey Lady this is the nickname xx for been ehm... the biggest invoicing x newspaper in US Ok So... you can call something what it is or you can try to speak about it a little bit ehm... Let’s say try out to say what it is so you can say ehm... that guy is fat or you can say he eats a lot of food ok? He eats a lot of food that’s not sound as bad as he’s bad this is a bad example to show this debate here. so we have torture, which is illegal and you go to jail for many years for doing that and we have enhanced interrogation Is interrogation the same word in Spanish? (Yes) Ok Enhanced means "stronger" the scary thing is... this is a translation from Germany what the Nazis called it so this in Germany "Verschärfte Vernehmung" you don’t need to know that word enhanced interrogation was what they called torture so... When the United States Army is war doing people xx xx like this a measure who it are your head any army as to xx xx at your neck this is also called torture. When the US army the New York Times public the xx when talking about the some of the president of Libia xx it called torture. So, when we did it’s a xx situation when they do it, its torture So, what’s the difference? So, six houers before someone get it at home At midnight, the next day newspapers are on the internet within an hour There are our blogs you know blogs, right? Blogs comenting on this article So, the newspaper for example Washington post yesterday had an article about a, by this extreme cristian guy I say extreme because he thinks homosexality is a choice that you choose to be an homosexual and the most civiliced people knows now that you don't choose to be that way it just happens, ok So, he wrote an article saying that homosexuals should not be teachers in the schools because he will make our students homosexuals Like, pufff homosexual puff, homosexual So, why Whasington post, print this article? I don’t have the answer to that question it’s bad idea, because did you have numerous blogs and why does Washington post print an article from they known hypocrites you know who are hypocrites? Eh, what is the new biggest new story, you know, this week happened in Spain? quiestion mark xxx I through the long way to hear some Spanish people speaking English Is anything hapened in spain xx I had been here before ,and ts looks like things happen here. (Silence ) so ,on the front of the news peaper,the front page did you read the news peper today ? (alumne) Yes so did it just say spain won the futbol match ? ore there is anathing else happened in spain, in this country? (alumne) No, today in my news peper that my parents gets at home, there was the photograf of a the church here in lleida with a catalan flag because yesterday was ...the day of ,of Was national hollyday (alumne) yes,and...well ther was a catalan flag, flaying for the national day, not a regional day alumne)that was ... was the big new history. But this was because the newspaper we receive at home, ore my parents receive at home is a local newspaper They don’t give to you the xxx newspaper what is the name of the xxx? El País Most they don’t get that one? No, I xxx Ok It’s a Catalan one OK this is good moment to stop, it’s clear that you don’t know nothing about spain and that ok, because I’m very xxx Xavi say that we should live xxx asking answer question but there only about 20 of you here, each of you, I’m sure that you don’t understand everything that I say, and that’s ok but each of you should have a question about something that I say here I can keep talking and talking, but I talk enough, so I thing all of you should have a question ask about something of this fifty thing that I say

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Posted by: lenakolac92 on Oct 27, 2010

part 5

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