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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~18:01:52 - 18:16:53

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Do you ever listen? Hey, right there? Aren't we starting here? "Chembe's mother... Chiyembekezo's mother." -Wait, Edith, do it here. Edith you should be, uh... Chosadziwa, you should be Nziwona. Just two? Yes, you'll be reading with me. Bend over. You should be in front then. -And you? How are you going to read? -You'll give it to me. "Chiyembekezo's mother", right? Don't say's mo...ther. "Chiyembekezo's mother." "Come here quickly!" "Hey come here." "I'm here." "What in the world is wrong?" "Do, do you want to use the big, big pot for cooking?" "Don't you see that you're wasting flour as if it's a wedding?" -"Father" -Hey, stop! "Chembe's father, Chiyembekezo's father," "Don't you see that we have too many children?" "And the kids will grow up..." -Are all grown up. -"Are all grown up." "Don't you see the way..." -The way they fight. -"They fight." "They fight over food when eating?" I thought you simply memorized all this? That's nonsense. "Don't you know that the children require little amounts of food to taste so that they value perseverance as they grow up"? "That's what our forefathers taught us." "I'm not a plow to produce food for all these kids." "Send some of them to stay at your uncle's." "No, that's not right." "My brother has his own children to worry about." "Get out! Before I smash your head." "I told you not to cook in that big pot again." "Or else I'll put a hole in it with my hoe." "That's your own problem. You started it." "When we only had 5 children, and I asked you to start using family planning methods," "You refused then. And today, you see, we struggle to provide food." "How did you think I would feed ten kids?" "Chiyembekezo, where are you coming from with the kids?" "Do you hear me?" "We... We go to play with the kids..." "We went off to play." "We went off to play with Samalani's kids." "One of the children Chifundo just brought nsima for us" "Cheteka, why are you teaching the kids to accept food from other households?" "Don't you eat here?" "Let the kids get some food on their own." "Do they have to starve every day? Sleeping on empty stomachs?" "What did you just say? Are you sending the children to eat in other homes?" "No, mother doesn't tell us anyhing." "But we don't get full ever since you destroyed that big pot." "That's why we find ways to help ourselves." -"I'll crush you! Do you want to get me in trouble?" "Father, father, do you want to kill my little brother?" "Just kill us all." "Why, why don't you give us enough food?" "And leave us to search for our own food as if we were chickens." Did you read all that, Aunt? -Where? -Here. -Have I read your part as well? -Yes, you added my part too. Alright. "Are you crazy?" "How can you speak like that to me, your father?" "The children are not crazy, but..." "They're troubled by their empty stomachs." "All these kids, but we still look like this." "Imagine what'll happen when we're 35." ''There'll be... will there be anything?'' "Hey you...!" It's your turn, Edith. Where are we? "You're the one corrupting the children. Shut up!" "Let's talk about this peacefully at night, while the children are asleep." "This isn't real... It's bad omens." "Bad omens, my foot! You started this." Aunt... I'm really tired. Aren't you waiting for dinner? Ok, I'll go and check on it. Today, uncle was filmed too. Here, uncle gave this to me yesterday. I used it to copy down my notes, for solving mathematical problems... I used it for English. I used it for Agriculture, I used it for... You're lying! Teach each other. Read... "Discuss..." "These groups of vegetables:" "Legume vegetable," No, you're reading these. "Leaf vegetable, legume vegetable, fruit vegetable, root vegetable, bulb vegetable. Ok!" "Rape, potato, Irish potato, okra, carrot, onion, cabbage, groundnut, pumpkin." "Beans, beans, pigeon beans, tomato." -Do all these add up to 33? Count these ones. -Agriculture, Social... "Fill in the blank spaces of the statements below:" "A vegetable are..." Start over, I'll tell you where you stopped. Let's just say this is the middle. I'm here. Eh, i just turned the pages like this, here is the middle. I've stopped. I drew some people here... So why don't you just write here? "Legume, legume." They say we should know this by heart. Yeah, wait till I get my notebook. Teach me. They say we should memorize this. "Let me under the grass before the...." "Let me under the grass." Yes, these ones. No, it's not these ones. Did I get them? -"Rotation vegetable means?" -No, this one, they've asked for this one. -Isn't this the notebook? -Let me see? For memorizing these. These ones. Hello... "What is rotation?" "In my shoes." "Growing vegetables..." "Rotation... rota, rota, rotation." "Vegetable means..." "Growing..." No, this is the answer. Yes, this one. B is the answer. "The one that says vegetable increases..." Shortcut, shortcut. It's D for this one. They have written stuff here. What? Let me see. Chichewa, write. "Vegetable." "Thinning. Importance of thinning." Don't we have the importance of thinning in here? -Edith, should I write there? -No. Is this important? "Thinning." "Importance of thinning." "Thinning and weeding vegetables." -1 X 8 = 8 2 X 8 = 14 3 X 8 = 24 4 X 8 = 32 5 X 8 = 40 6 X 8 = 48 7 X 8 = 56 8 X 8 = 64 1 X 8 = 8 2 X 8 = 14, 3 X 8 = 24 4 X 8 = 20 something. 12X 8 = 20 something. This is how doctors sign their names. -What? -This is how doctors sign their names. No, do it like this. What did they write? This is how I write my "good". Yes, wait, I'll draw for you. Kamwendo. Eh, kamwendo. Kalukongolo. Kalikongolo to Post Office of Zomba. Post... Has aunt gone outside? Post Office of Zomba. -Aunt. -Yes. Go and cook outside. I'm gonna hit you. Nyambole! Where are you off to? Memory! Aunt, is Memory there? Didn't you hear the door click? Are you going to sleep? Isn't the nsima [cornmeal] almost ready? You're not going to eat? -Edith! -Yes! Come and get the dishes. What? What did you just say? She says it's alright.

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Duration: 15 minutes
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Director: Jason Price
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