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Audrey Hepbum - Friends and family 2, How do I support me?

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Desteni Entrevista Interdimensional: Família e Amigos 2 - Audrey Hepburn Oi esta é Audrey Hepburn continuando com a família e amigos Como praticamente auto-ajuda e apoio dentro da presença de familiares e amigos firstly, as I've explained within the first video interview this process is internal within and as self me assisting and supporting me to be self-honest with me in every moment of breathe this process isn't- is not about- changing the outside separated world as for instance beings as family and friends that are within your world no it is through! assisting and supporting you within and as you that your world as you will automatically transformed and changed as you stand up within and as self-honesty, within and as you therefore it is not about the outside world it is not about beings within your world as family and friends it is about 'who I am here within and as me' in self-honesty so, when for instance, in the presence of family and friends and you realize within yourself you are going into anxiety or anger or irritation or frustration then within yourself you have a look and observe the points to which you are still reacting towards family and friends then within yourself, here you stop the thought you apply self-forgiveness for the emotions and feelings as reactions experienced in the mind oh let's say for instance you go to a gathering a family gathering or you go and you meet your friends and within the experience in the presence of your family and friends at the gathering or- or meeting you observe yourself you have a look at reactions the thoughts the memories the pictures that that's coming up and moving inside as you and then when you are then after the meeting or after the gathering with your family and friends and you are alone with you, at home you sit down and you have a look of your entire experience you've just had with your family and friends and you have a look at what reactions came up what thoughts what memories what pictures what went on inside you and what triggers these reactions of mind within you and as you write, you apply self-forgiveness so you revisited that experience you just had with your family and your friends which you've within which you experienced yourself and observed yourself you revisited through writing about it and in the writing you apply self-forgiveness and so, you have a look at it where you've reacted why you are reacted what are they reflecting back to you that you are still accepting and allowing to exist within and as you and when you write, you revisit the experience you write about it you write about your reactions of mind that came up within you and you apply self-forgiveness on all those specific points, alright then the next time you go and visit your family and friends you observe you within and as yourself, again! and within that, you have to look at how specific you have applied your self-forgiveness any of these same reactions come up, if the same memories come up if the same pictures if these same thoughts towards your family and friends come up inside you you know: aug oh! self-forgiveness not applied effectively let me look again at these points then you just go in deeper into the reactions experience towards your family and friends after you have experienced yourself within and you are alone with you before you, you have your pen and paper or have your computer and your keyboard in front of you and you are typing and revisiting the experience and really self-honestly looking within you, where the reactions within yourself are coming from and why are accepting and allowing yourself to react in front of family and friends therefore realize that in experiencing you with your family and friends and being in the presence of your family and friends you are assisting and supporting you within your individual process you are not disregard your family and friends do not deliberately push them away do not isolate yourself from your family and friends because it is a absolute specific placement within your world within which you are able to assist and support you within and as your process of self-honesty realize this process is about who you are within and as you who I am who we, here not about anything or anyone outside separated from you it's about self and within the presence of family and friends and observing your experience of you within you you are able to effectively assist and support you within your process of self-honesty and, so every time you are in the presence of family and friends observe yourself inside yourself when the thought comes up stop the thoughts when the reactions come up fear frustration irritation anger apply self-forgiveness or stop them immediately in the moment and after that experience with your family and friends and you revisit that experience in writing! and in applying self-forgiveness, you release those reactions within you of thoughts emotions feelings memories pictures ideas perceptions and assist and support you within your individual process within and as you and so every time, you go back and experience you with your friends and family you are able to, test your application of self-forgiveness to see how effective you have been in self-honest self-forgiveness, within and as you and so every time you go back, until no more reactions or movements within you occur toward your family and you are self-honest within yourself, in self-expression just- it's just who I am and realize here's some family members may realize a change and ask about your experience within yourself and you share you know what? I have discovered me, and I've realized how self-forgiveness is assisting and supporting me in not accepting and allowing myself spent so much time in my mind which has become such an absolute mess and just living here in and as breathe as me and my words and experience of mere self-expression and so you share yourself and it's not about forcing something onto someone or something else no it's just about being who I am here in self-honesty with me so realize it's about self assisting and supporting self, internal and then your world outside will transform according to your self-honest self-expression within and as you self first, remember, always self first alright, thank you very much this is Audrey Hepbum CC English for Desteni Productions © assim que, basicamente, teve a "essência" da terra, e foi isso que eles foram capazes de fazer tão bem

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