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Rumi Nagashima - Tokyo, Japan - Japanese (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~12:38:49 - 13:12:28

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In Japanese? What are you doing? Are they TV crews? What? Really? Which one? I am not sure. ― The foreign one? ― Maybe? I don't know. Hey, can I ask you something? Do you think there are any orange t-shirts with dolphins? ― I don't know. Why? ― I want orange t-shirts. For this? I think they'd want you to wear dark blue. Why? Clothes for seniors and rangers. ― Yeah, that's right. Like at the camp. ― Are you going to buy t-shirts? ― Yes, we are going to buy them today and make some uniforms. ― Can't I put my name "Nagisa" on here? You can but how are you going to put your name on there? ― Hey, it's really cold. ― Really? ― Can I? ― Sure, drink some. With a marker. Can't I write it with a marker? ― You can. ― Like with a Posca (Japanese marker brand). ― No? ― It fades out if you wash them. How about an oil-based marker? You can. But wouldn't you be embarrassed wearing it on the train? ― No, I won't be. ― Are you sure? ― I'll be OK. ― Or um... ― If you want to write names on the t-shirts, we can do this on another day. ― OK. ― What time are we meeting and leaving? ― Today? 12:30pm. Wait., oh no! Oh no! This is bad. Did I say we were going to meet up at 12:30pm? ― I think you said 1pm. ― Are you sure? I am the one who said it, but still I've totally forgotten. I said 1:20pm. ― What time? ― What? ― Are you going to come back? ― Yes, I am gonna come back. ― How many senior rangers are coming? ― Today? Three of them. ― Lisa? ― Yeah, Lisa and Rie. Did you bring your agenda, Nacchan? ― Bringing what? ― Your agenda. ― For what? For the summer vacation. ― Nana, have you had enough to eat? ― It looks like they are kissing each other. Have you had enough? Are you done? Did you eat them all? Good. ― Let's clear the table. ― Argh! Don't look! Don't look! Kiss, kiss, they are kissing! It's a photo booth picture of her kissing! Hey! Let me look at it. Show it to us. ― Mom... ― Agh! Oh no. Oh no. You're thinking you got caught by us, aren't you? It looks like you were doing it in public. Oh, but you were in the photo booth, so was it private? You don't need to look at it anymore! Don't look. He doesn't like long hair, so he always cut it short. I am not really sure though. ― Hey, have you seen him recently? ― No, I haven't. Not good, it's not really good. Did you divorce him? It's really bad. Give it to me. Give it back to me. You guys still haven't finished your meal. Why did you start running around like that? Because you did weird stuff, Rumi. Because you looked at me. Yes. Wait a minute, is everybody done? Can we clear up the table now? ― Yes, we can. ― So, are we going soon? Yeah, we have to go soon. Hey leader, let's make a dash for it. ― With hands? ― Yeah, to the station then I'll get on the train. ― What about me, by bike? ― Thank you for the delicious meal. Yes. ♫Thank you for the delicious meal. Thank you for the food. OK. Let's clear the table. Let's clear the table. ― Everybody is going by bike but Rumi, are you going to get the train? ― Yeah. I see. Yes, it's OK. So you won't drop it. ― No? ― I can't do it. ― You can't do it? ― Kiki, Kiki. ― Yeah? ― Can you help Kana? ― OK. OK. Yes, please wipe the table. Wipe it. Yes. The mic was under this shirt at first but it made too much noise so... ― So what are we gonna do now? Are you going now, Nagi? ― Yeah. ― Is Rie coming soon? ― Yes, she is coming. ― What time is she coming? At 1pm. But we are going to meet up at 1:20pm, can she make it? No, not Itoyokado (Japanese General Merchandise Store), um... Hey, what is attached to your shirt? This one lets you hear me better. ― I want one too. ― Would you like to have one too? ― It's a mic. ― It's a mic. ― What is this? ― What is this? It's a mic. ― How about attaching it here? ― Attach it here? It's too close. OK, are you done cleaning up? I still see one cushion left on the floor. It's too much for only Kana to lift up. You guys need to help her. So, what are we gonna do? Nagi, are you coming later? Rie is coming soon, so... Or how about going to Rie's house to pick her up? ― I am leaving soon. ― How about this, call Rie and... Tell her you are waiting in front of the... Rie doesn't need to come all the way here from her home. ― Can I... ― Sure, go ahead. Hold on, let me close this. ― Can I borrow... ― Sure. Go ahead and use it. ― I am proud of you finishing all your meal. ― I am gonna just sit in it. Why? Play with it, it's OK. ― Just to sit in it. First time, just to sit in it. ― Is it fun just to sit in it? ― Does the cushion feel good? ― Yeah, it feels good. Is it? The leader can't feel it. ― Why? Here... ― Yes, because my hip can't feel it. Does it feel good? You can feel it with your hands. Come here for a sec. ― Cushions have lots of bumps right? ― Yeah. ― Are you going with the taxi or something, Rumi? ― No, I am going by train. ― Are you going to walk? ― No, in a wheelchair. ― Are you going to be OK? ― It has some bumps, so just hold on with your hands. Here. ― For 10 secs. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Done. Next, Rie's turn. ― So what's your plan? In front of Midori junior high school? Midori elementary school? What time? ― The train is coming soon, so as soon as the train is coming, I think I am going to leave here. ― OK. ― 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. ― You need to get out of it now. Clear the way, please. Why do you need to go through here? ― I need to leave soon. ― 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Is Kana just going to touch this? Or should we push her? If she can get around in a wheelchair, let her get around. Let's push her. Kana can go around one lap too. ― Great. ― One more lap. ― Sure. Looking great, Kana-pi. ― Are you leaving yet? ― Me? Yes, I am leaving soon. It takes longer than you think in a wheelchair, you know. Poor girls, they are running. Rumi, about the district project. Is it true the #20 team doesn't want to pay money? ― No, no, it's not like that. It's because... ― Do they have something they want to do instead? No, no, they do not. I told them, maybe in the worst case, every team may charge you about ¥2,000. And, I told them team leaders have already accepted it. ― But the #20 team said... ― Nagi, you need to leave now! They said even though this leader's club approves it, ― parents wouldn't be OK with it, so they cannot accept it. ― Bye. ― OK. Take care of yourself. Please say hi to Rie. ― Yes, see you later. The leader is going too. The #20 team is threatening us that much. Yes, we have new ones. Let's go, let's go. Where are you going? ― The leader is going to Itoyokado. Aren't you jealous? ― Give her a hand. Yes. Let's get ready. ― Can you get my wheelchair out of here? ― Sure, can you open the door? Everybody's bags are on the way... Don't run over. See, you ran them over. Thank you guys. OK, the leader is going shopping. ― I am catching the train. ― Take care, see you later. ― See you. Madam Rumi, please get on. ― Madam Rumi, please get on. ― Wow, I am like a princess. Stairs... Um, I mean the elevator. Are you gonna push me off from stairs? That's terrible. Madam Rumi, we are going to make you fall from the stairs, so please get on. That's horrible. Madam Rumi, please get on. Yes, thank you. Let me lead you to the elevator. Thank you, do not push me off from stairs. Can you go down by yourself? ― Sure I can. ― No, you can't. It's too dangerous. Let's see her off downstairs. Yes, let's. Are you sure it's OK? Good-bye. You are not coming with us? Sure? OK then. You are in the mirror, Rumi. OK, now the leader is leaving for shopping with senior rangers. ― 1st floor... ― Have a good day. I am scared of the elevator. Really? It's scary for you? You're OK, I am opening it. Oh, you are faster. ― Take care and have fun. ― See you later. ― Take care. ― See you, behave yourself while I'm gone and start making some leaflets for us. ― Alright. ― Make sure you make some for seniors and leaders. Bye. ― OK, bye bye. ― Good luck. ― Thank you. It's hot. Yes. It itches. I'm hot. Oh! ― Excuse me, can you give me a hand all the way to Musashi-sakai station? ― To Musashi-sakai station? Yes. Um, about the next train... It's difficult to get help because the train is already at the station... ― You will only make the train at sixteen-minutes past. Will that be OK? ― Oh, really? ― Argh, maybe it'll be OK. ― Is the sixteen-minutes past train OK? Are you sure it's OK? I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.

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Duration: 33 minutes and 38 seconds
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Posted by: globallivesjapan on Jan 28, 2010

All of tape 6.

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