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Hi guys. Welcome to our section, How to compare fractions? In this video, we're going to learn how to figure it out which fraction is greater. Anytime you have two fractions, such as these two, you're going to go ahead and multiply the denominator with the numerator of the opposite fraction. For example, 4 times 5 is equals to 20. Then do the same for the other one. 7 times 3 is equals to 21. Now that you have these, you ask yourself which one is greater, 21 or 20? Since, 21 that belongs to this fraction, that means that three fourths is greater than 5 over 7. Let's do another one. Let's say, you have this example. Can you tell me which one is greater? All right! Remember. I'll do it. 11 times 4 which is 44, and then I do, 10 times 7 which is 70. Which one is greater? 70 or 44? You got the answer! Ten elevenths is greater than four sevenths. Now, what about if we make this a little bit harder. Let's do it with negative numbers or negative fractions. How do I do this? Let's do it. 7 times negative 3 is negative 21. And, then negative 9 times 5 is negative 45. Can you tell me which one is greater? Don't forget. Negative 21 is greater than negative 45, because, negative 21 is closer to the 0 than negative 45. My answer is going to be negative 9 over 7 is less than negative 3 over 5. Beautiful! Let's do another one. Can you tell me which one is greater? I'm going to wait for your answer. And, can you tell me which one is greater? Negative 4 or Negative 3? I know you just said that negative 3 is greater than negative 4. Therefore, my answer is this fraction is less than this other fraction. Beautiful! Thank you so much for watching!

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2.Topic 2-Video 2

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