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time for dances and for songs. I... We moved here when I started school. And you won't believe but in Bordoe in the village every holiday near the kindergarten Mom, do you remember, people would set big tables and everybody from that village would bring something. And they would put on the tables... Everybody would gather and would drink tea, then dance and sing... I remember that well... We used to cry when singing... There were many children like us. In that village and we would some because it was very interesting time, they would sing traditional couplets, songs, or some orphan lyricks... they were playintive songs... very sad... with tears... and it was very interesting for us and we would see it all.... Well, those times I remember well though I was small... I really remember well... Now of course things are not like that. Now I am not happy here... Things are not the way they used to be... (...) So, people don't live the way they lived before? No, the don't. We used to be rich then... We had such big vegetable gardens. We had our own cattle. We had a kolkhoz. We used to make everything for ourselves. We used to sing on our way from work... and would come home and sing songs... and would lose... then would remember... And now... we live... see how we live... ... And her retiring pension is not that bad. More than 20 thousand rubles. She gets extra because she is an ex-gulag prisoner, and for her work, years of employment. Yes, she gets a little more than 20 thousand rubles. But she seems she is indifferent to it. It doesn't make her happy. ... ... .. Well... we... they don't allow us to take her for vacation. Even in a car, not to mention travelling by a plane. Do you remember... Bordoe? -Yes, I do... I remember all about Bordoe. Everything? Yes, everything. - Who was there? -Where? -In Bordoe? Well... I remember that... well... Good, you remember. I remember how we would come together and eat. Our holidays I remember... We were rich... We had our own gardens... Everything we had of our own. We wouldn't sleep at nights, we worked. My dear daughter... and now? I have everything but I don't have real life... no life for me... ... ...

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Posted by: siberia2016 on Feb 11, 2016


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