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Red's you're the first team which means you're going to start with the ball We are now playing this way. OK Reds your job is to score from here into that goal, happy with that? Your team are trying to score in these goals. So White's where are you scoring? In those four goals. Where are you going Reds? End to end, so once you've scored this end, you're going to try and score that end Makes sense. [PLAYERS:] Yes. [PLAYERS:] What will help the keepers? [COACH:] Great question. Now you can choose, do you want the goalies is to stay in the goals and then each team plays with a play less or goalies do you want to stay with your team? [ASSISTANT COACH:] Hands up for goalies in the nets democratic vote [COACH:] Goalies in nets. OK take both your bibs off then and go into the big goals. Because we're looking at this score more, who do we think that's going to score more The team that's got 4 goals or the team that's got 2? OK, let's see, off you go onto the pitch. Play. If you want to come further up you can, be a defender when you're out of play. Happy with this game James? What have they got to do? [PLAYER:] Now they've go to defend those nets as well. [COACH:] Yes. Do you think they'll be more attacking play or less, than in the last game? [PLAYER:] A bit less because he could block the goals. I'm not sure. This could be the one 1-0 play from the goalie, either one. Whoevers ready. This could be a problem because I haven't told them what happens after a goal. Good. Start from Dan. Play to the Reds. Go for it. 45 seconds of the first game. [WHISTLE] Rest there. Reese great position. OK, so he's in the middle of midfield he's turned out. If we're trying to be exciting and attacking, where might we need the ball more? A bit further forward. So if it means that you start a bit further forward and were a bit braver in here, like Reese has just done, OK I reckon we'll get more goals. 45 seconds, play Reese you're on. Reese's free. This is it, oh what a block. Wow. Great shot. Play. Good. Play again. Don't worry about that ball. Keep going, keep going. [WHISTLE] Rest there, OK. Red team you're now attacking the four goals, some rules to adapt. Goalie's whenever a goal is scored you always play to the team that are attacking up and down. Makes sense? So whats the score? [PLAYER:] 3-0 Now the bit of this game that's clever is when you're attacking and when you then become the defenders, because what do you need to protect really quickly? [PLAYER:] The goals. So when you're the team that are attacking the four goals If I win the ball, yes play to me. If I managed to get it off the Red's here and just kick in that goal is that exciting? [PLAYER:] No. So White's if you get it show me an exciting goal. Happy with the rules? What way are you shooting? Which way do you want to go first? That way? Play. What's a save. Heads. let's see if the goalie remembers. Not sure he did. Great idea. Oh if you meant that, that's brilliant. Good. Play to the White's. What a pass off the post, did you mean that? That's pretty good that. Good idea Matty. That's alright. What a great ball. Go on little Louis. Penalty. Good dribbling. Good idea, don't worry, I like the idea. Don't worry. Remember that yo-yo thing. Good sharing of the ball.

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