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So good! So now we are skiing! Skiing is so cool! Ok, what do you think of... since when do you ski? Since I am 3 years old approximately Wahoo! Cool! And what do you think about the link between design and skiing? Design and ski? Hum... Always be stylish on the slopes and heu... are you happy that you do not have to ski on wood skis anymore ? Oh yes! Totally! So and what does skiing represent for you? Maybe you should start going Joy, good mood, style, cheese, the gathering of family and friends and all of that! Ah yes! The big groups of people And do you think of all those new trends of coats that are sparkly, shiny, gold, silver, flashy ? We can go if you want Hum... so it's cute but not really useful but like a lot of things and the helmets with the sparkles? Oh, the helmets, I love! This is something really... I think... What do we say when we end up on a slope like this one? Great! So how was this slope ? What? How was this slope? Super Extra good? Extra good, we love! If you could do something to change your skiing experience on a design perspective, what would you do ? For example, are you cold now? would you created a short that heats up you ass? Oh yes! a thermo heating short is good! No but be a little more inventive So, first of all, I would have a special thermo heating thing for the face as now it is -15 degrees celsius and my face is burning. Let's look at that Otherwise, I would also look into sunglasses or masks that are a better fit. And ski-wise, are you comfortable in your flexion, the knees, the shoes and all of that? Well, I don't know much about the technical aspect of the equipment but I am comfortable now. I want stylish skis though And what do you think of the advertisements offered previously and the ones offered now on skiing holidays? I am not sure Well you know how the advertisement for skiing holidays used to be beautiful prints and posters and now we have a different kind of advertisement, how would you compare both and what do you think about it? Well, so I prefer the earlier ways of advertisement because, first of all, it is a little less, well, I find the advertisement to be really aggressive, all the time trying to find and push us into something extreme...when you don't necessarily need this, you are skiing, you are well, you are with your friends and family and I think that this is more of a message that old advertisement tried to share. Now it's more about extreme sensations, you know? yes definitely, and how do you think the ski culture influences other domains in your life such as fashion or in the city, the consumption of savoyard cheese at certain times and periods of the year? Could I answer this when we get down the slope? yes, yes, of course, we'll meet down So, the ski has an influence in particular on the food especially in France and Switzerland, and in the clothing industry with the puffy jackets... there is also a lot of designers, illustrators that are inspired by the skiing culture and especially in the street style culture with the expansion of the use of the The North Face jackets for example, that was initially created for skiing and not for urban life. Bonjour Bonjour, so how was your skiing experience today ? So, it was freezing today so we had to were many layers and a really warm equipment And, how is your relationship with the ski equipment available nowadays? So for example the skiing outfit that I am wearing today, it is actually really cold today, so I had to wear thermo heating and wind-breaking clothing, for example, under my jacket, I have a thin jacket in teflon material that is way more wind-breaking and cold-breaking than my actual jacket And what is you relationship in terms of design towards fashion and technical accessories made for skiing, the skis themselves, the sticks, the masks, the helmets? In relation to when? In relation to... the evolution ? So the evolution, to talk about the ski material, the skis have definitely very much evolved, in the way that a beginner after one week manages to easily go down the easiest slopes, so the material is extremely helpful and easier for the young skiers and even the good one therefore How being a ski teacher affects your everyday life ? So I as born here, in Courchevel, my family is from here, I do a job on skis, so it's a really nice job, I am outside, enjoying the mountains, the place where I live

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