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Consciousness of Oneness, Introduction: Talk with Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

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The purpose of these gatherings is to explore this whole field of consciousness of oneness. This idea of an emerging global consciousness of oneness and how to work with it. And what I want to say from the beginning is this is one facet of a work that many different schools and traditions and teachers are doing in different fields, in different parts of the world. It's just one particular facet of this work. And what was moving for me personally working with Sandra Ingerman two weeks ago was to see how she was working in the same stream within the shamanic tradition the same emerging consciousness of oneness the facet in which I want to ask you to explore together is in a way particularly to do with mystical consciousness because I belong to a mystical tradition and the element of love belongs to a Sufi tradition. So it is an exploration of how to work with this energy that is being given to humanity. Not as something abstract but as something lived. And so the sort of schedule for this afternoon is I'm going to give a talk and then we're going to have a meditation which might also have a practical element of working with that energy. And then after a break we can have discussion and questions. You see for a mystic it's very, very simple because mysticism is about direct experience. And many people on the mystical path have had direct experience of oneness. And it is not something abstract, it is something lived. It is something breathed. Once you've had that experience, you think how could it be otherwise. Of course everything is one and oneness is very, very practical. It is how everything works because everything is this explosive spark of Divine oneness. Everything is the Divine oneness expressing itself again and again and again and again and yet still remaining true to its essential Oneness. So every moment of mystical experience, every moment the Divine is re-experiencing itself. This Divine oneness is re-experiencing itself in this apparent world of multiplicity, in this apparent world of differences. And yet it is always one. And what is in a way mystifying as human beings, we have lost contact with that essential oneness. We have come to experience our own essential uniqueness. And this is part of the journey of consciousness in the West. But we have come to experience the I AM. And this is begins in adolescence, a particular assertion of the individual self. And we have a culture that has constellated it around this image of this I AM. And yet we have lost touch with the fundamental essence of the I AM. Which is an expression of oneness. So we have kind of got stuck with the I AM without realizing what it really means. Because the I AM essentially means the Divine IS. The Divine is experiencing its uniqueness in us for a moment which is also the Divine oneness. And then it is lived. The extraordinary thing about being a human being is that you can live this spark of Divine oneness. You can breathe it. You can even enjoy it. Because once you experience this oneness, then in a way you step into this whole other element of life that is not about struggle, that is not about effort Because struggle and effort are always pitting yourself against something else. But once you step into that essential oneness you step out of this conflict, struggle, effort dynamic into what I call the real party of life. Which is actually happening all around us, to us, in us, but somehow we never get to go to the party. We never get to participate in what is actually happening. So we live often this angst ridden culture full of all of the petty fears and insecurities that have created kind of a shell around us. That separates us from what is really happening. And then from a mystical point of view is whether we have the courage to break out of that shell that carefully constructed web of insecurities and anxieties and desires. Into this much more orgasmic experience which is life happening each moment as an expression of the Divine. And to live it then and then to participate in what I call the real party that is taking place. Now mystics have always known about this party which is why traditionally when you wake up you just laugh and laugh and laugh. Because suddenly you're there in this whether you call it a love affair or you call it the garden of creation or whatever you call it, it doesn't matter because it's, because you are there where life is happening. And there are these two paradoxes in mysticism is that on one level one says that everything is an illusion. But it's only the everything that is an illusion is what you have created in your mind. And there is actually something real taking place. There is actually creation really happening. This is what the Sufis call the secret of the word Kun, to be. That the Real is actually expressing itself. And if we can just experience what is actually taking place and not just experience but then participate in life that is taking place. Because a human being actually has the ability to consciously participate in the creative process of life. And we've kind of got a little sense of that in what is called living a creative life. If you're an artist or a poet or even a gardener there is a sense that you can creatively participate in a little bit of life. But we kind of stop there, we, it's our creative expression whether it's growing a beautiful rose or playing a beautiful piece of music. We kind of don't go too far with it. We don't explore what it really means to be alive. And what I want to do in these meetings is to explore from a mystical point of view is to explore what it really means to be alive in this garden of creation and participate in the creative process. What is very interesting is at this time is at this time in the cycle of creation is that everybody is being given the opportunity to participate. And I say this quite deliberately because in the past only very, very select individuals or groups were allowed to participate. This is the whole initiatic process which you had to go through before you were given any of the secrets of creation. And it was so hidden, even more hidden than the feminine mysteries that it isn't written down except in a few obscure texts which I think have been burned into dust. So that was in the past. Yes there is a specific spiritual esoteric teaching about how you participate in the creative process. And maybe in some shamanic traditions it is also still alive. But the difference now and why we're having this meeting in public and anybody body can come for $8 donation for the rental of the room is that there has been this shift in spiritual consciousness. which also has to do with the basic principal of oneness which is anybody can participate. It is one of those things that is so simple that the fact that it is so completely radical passes us by. But this is part of the evolution of human consciousness, also the evolution of spiritual consciousness. And one can see this on one level by the way in the last 20 - 30 years many, many spiritual teachings that used to be hidden have been made available in the West. And even in the last 20 years for example when I first started teaching in America 15 years ago and Mrs. Tweedie listened to some of the tapes of the talks that I gave and she said this is very, very interesting because you are allowed to say in public what I was only allowed to hint at. So there has been this growing revelation of spiritual teachings which we've now got used to. You can go into any bookstore and there are 10,000 books on dreams, on meditation, on different spiritual techniques. But behind that there is this deeper esoteric teaching about working with the forces of creation, working with the primal energies of life, participating in the creative process of creation. Not as an outsider, but as a spark of consciousness that is part of life. And from a Sufi point of view this means a spark of consciousness that is part of this mystery of this love affair with his creation. Just always remember in the background from a Sufi point of view, creation is a love affair. If you like, the spirit is the masculine. And this feminine aspect of creation, whether you think of the soul of the world or the whole physical manifest world. It is this dance of opposites that is a love affair. And until you really realize that, you can't participate fully. And it's not a dry, analytic experience. It is a love affair full of all the passion and craziness and mistakes that belong to every love affair. We still, please remember, we still have in our consciousness this kind of Appollonian idea of a perfect God. Which means that any interaction with the Divine demands perfection. And this is just a fabricated image. This is not how it really is. Because if you accept the basic idea that everything is one, everything is the Divine, then you look around and see it is not perfect. And to strive for perfection means to deny the reality of the Divine. It means once again you impose your own image onto the Divine. And if one is going to engage in any real creative process, that is also a love affair you have to try to put aside at the beginning any image of how you want it to be, how you expect it to be. Because there are essential energies in creation waiting for us to interact with them. They are there. They are dormant at the moment. They are beginning to wake up. And they can only fully wake up with the interaction of human consciousness. Now what is very, very interesting and quite revolutionary in a way is that they can only wake up with the interaction of individual consciousness or a group that allows each individual total freedom. This has to do with the Divine nature of creation. This has to do with the fact that the Divine is free and the creation expresses that freedom. And it has to do with living that freedom within oneself that belongs to the real creative process. The freedom that is actually in this I AM. There is a tremendous freedom to realize who you are. It is, or it belongs to the creative freedom of God. And what is paradoxical in this world is that there are laws of creation and yet that is no denial of the incredible freedom of creation. And remember when one has freedom then there is the freedom for it all to go wrong too. It's not just the freedom that it's going to work out the way we want it to work out. There is also the freedom that it might not work out. Nothing is definite. If you actually realized how indefinite a world we lived in it is quite terrifying. It is much bigger than we realize. But it is calling for us or for individuals or for bits of light to participate. Oneness is speaking to oneness. It's very beautiful how this happens, this call. As mystics we are used to the call within the heart that turns our attention towards God. What one calls longing. The beloved calls us back to Him. We are used to that. We are used to the whole idea of spiritual life being a response to a call. There is the call and there is the echo. And we are the echo. But we are less used to the idea that the Divine within creation also is calling. That it needs us. That, or it needs something within us that maybe we don't, we haven't realized how precious it is. It needs this Divine spark, this bit of light that we have inside of us. That is pure oneness. It is very, very, very pure. It is really the greatest gift we have. And It can participate directly with the energies in creation because that is how it has always been. The only thing is that before it required a certain initiation to give you access to those energies. You had to, if you like, say the magic word before the doors opened and you had access to those energies. And now those doors have been opened. You don't have to say the special word to get there. And it is exactly the same as happens on an individual level. Part of the spiritual path is working with the energies within yourself. This has become quite well known by now. When I grew up with the Church of England background, there was no notion that one had energies within oneself. You had meat and potatoes and that was it. But 30 years later and in California. Or 50 years later in California it is now quite accepted that we have energies within ourselves. And we have energy centers within ourselves and we work with them. And we relate to them and we channel them. And we dance with them and we play music to them or we meditate with them. Or we visualize them and have different colors and different vibrations and sounds. And we chant to awaken the sun energies and we learn various techniques to harmoniously interact with the energies within ourselves. And this has become part of the whole spiritual landscape. It is no longer revolutionary. And yet we keep it very carefully within ourselves. It is our spiritual process. And this is where I've said many, many times, this is where we make this big mistake or limitation. Because the moment you say it's my spiritual process it stops being anything real because nothing belongs to you. It is all part of this oneness because you are part of this oneness. It is when you work on yourself, a bit of the oneness is working with a bit of the oneness. And even to say a bit does not actually make sense. Oneness is working with oneness. Light is calling to light. So once one realizes that then of course there are energies within creation. Just like there are energies within us. And of course creation is a living spiritual being just as we are a living spiritual being. Why should we deny the whole, what belongs to us. And of course there are ways to work with the energies within creation. And small experiments have been done with that. Like in places like Findhorn where they consciously work with the nature spirits. And some shamanic traditions go deeper. So the first question is how do you access these energies within creation. These primal powers of life. And the beauty is that you don't have to access them because they are here already. They aren't anywhere else. This is part of the secret of oneness. If we are moving into an era of oneness, then oneness follows certain laws. Just like the last era followed certain laws. And monotheism followed certain laws. So the era of oneness follows the laws of oneness. This is kind of built into the genetic imprint of this era. And part of the workings of oneness is that everything is already present. It is not anywhere else. That's why I always like Meister Eckhart when he describes God as a circle with a center as everywhere whose circumference is nowhere. What is very interesting is that as a culture we have veiled ourselves from what is actually here. We've either done it ourselves or it is part of our conditioning. We've actually excluded ourselves from the miraculous process of life. I think it has a lot to do with a certain patriarchial power drive that took over and even convinced women that the guy knew better. Because the feminine has a much deeper understanding of what is essentially present and how it works. Men like things to be somewhere else that they can focus and work on. But anyway, the energies of creation are present. It is often we who are not present. You don't have to go into the rainforest. You don't have to on a deep inner journey to find them. Because in oneness everything is present. All that is required is for us to be present. I say all that is required because for many people this is almost impossible. Because there is this enormous conditioning and education that says you shall not be present. You've got to be worrying about something, or desiring something, or planning for something, or expecting something. Or worried that you made a mistake yesterday or frightened about being judged tomorrow. And so you are systematically excluding yourself from being present. Well that's fine and lots of people continue in that experience. And that stops them from participating because you can only participate with what is present if you are present. And you also have to allow yourself to be vulnerable. Because the energies of creation is like a newborn child. It is alive and it is in a state of vulnerability. It is actually in a state of almost a state so vulnerable it is almost a crisis. That life, it is like a newborn child. You think how can it survive when it is so vulnerable when it can be so easily stepped on. When it can be so easily damaged. And that is life at the beginning of any era. Before it has crystalized, before it has formalized itself, before it has become all of the forms that we are used to. For example, if you look at the images of our culture which are actually of a culture that is dying, they do not seem to be vulnerable. They don't have that innocence. They are very, very protected with a hard shell. All of the corporations and all of the forms of our present civilization. Which is actually a civilization which is dying. But what is being born is very, very vulnerable. It is almost painfully vulnerable. Because it is life recreating itself. Because it is the miracle of life coming into being not knowing what is going to happen. Just like the child being born doesn't know what will happen in its life. Life is rebirthing. It's coming out of the shell. And this is this crucial moment in any era when life is so vulnerable, so new, so undecided. When the dreams of all the possibilities are there. And this is where we are being asked to be. This is why it is very, very human to be there in this energy of creation. It is to be with one's own vulnerability. One's own insecurity, not an insecurity born of anxiety, but an insecurity born of wonder. I don't know if you can feel that kind of insecurity where you just don't know how it will be. It is like when you are falling in love and there is this promise and you don't know how it is going to be. And there is tremendous vulnerability. And something is calling you like in a love affair. Something is calling you into this experience. And what is calling you is life. Life as it really is. Not life as we have been conditioned to think it is. Yes, there is part of life that is survival. Although I think we've taken it to other extremes in the West. Does survival really mean you have to have two cars? But there is another part of life. If you looked at the eyes of a newborn child, it is not survival. It is something else. It is hope. The dreams of the future. You know I work with people for many years and you see all the problems and difficulties that we kind of accumulate as we go through life. And we're kind of experts at really accumulating kind of complex problems and difficulties. And you think what is it all about. And then you see a beautiful newborn child. And you don't think when you see that newborn child my gosh what complex problems and relationships and emotional tangles this baby is going to get into. And I always find it interesting it doesn't cross your mind when you see this newborn child. Somehow there is something else in the child that speaks to you. It speaks to you about something else completely. From this sort of problem-oriented self, from this complex creation that we make of ourselves. And that is what in life is calling to us. Something very simple, very undecided. And it needs us here present with us. It needs a dialogue with us. Just like when you see a newborn baby there is this strange dialogue that takes place. Because something in you remembers what it was like for you once. All the possibilities, all the dreams, all the hopes, all the wonder. Something undecided. You may think what is the esoteric teaching in this. Well real esoteric teachings are always about what it means to be a human being. Always remember that. Because a human being is the greatest esoteric secret. We are his greatest secret and he is the secret of secrets. This mystery of being a human being is a great, great secret. And it's strange how we overlook it again and again and again until something draws us back. So the energies of life are here. They're already here. They're not hidden. They're not deep underground. They are present. And they are calling for people to work with them. I can't repeat that enough times because it just seems so important. And the beauty of it is the individual, each of us, anywhere can work directly with these energies of creation. We can participate in this miracle of rebirth. If we want to. If we open ourselves to this. If we give ourselves to this experience like you give yourself to any love affair otherwise it doesn't happen. Because remember creation is a love affair. It is actually a love affair being continually recreated moment by moment, moment by moment. And what is extraordinary in creation. And this is one of really the mysteries of creation from a human point of view is that each of us can have our own unique love affair in this world at the same time as everybody else. As their unique love affair. You don't have to join in anyone else's love affair. This is not a group hug. This has to do with oneness. It has to do with the one to one relationship that honors the oneness within you and the oneness within creation. In the same way as you can't have a group love affair. It doesn't work. They tried it in the 60's. It doesn't work. It is from heart-to-heart. It is the mystery of love. It is always one-to-one. From heart-to-heart. And it is from your heart to the heart of the world. If you want to participate in this love affair of creation that is being recreated. Then your heart to the heart of the world. From your soul to the soul of the world. And then you will find something quite remarkable is the soul of the world starts to speak to you. In the same ways it used to to the oracles in previous ages, it speaks to you. This is real communion. This is the dialogue with the soul of the world. We know we can have a dialogue with our own soul. We are familiar with that now. We've been to enough workshops. Yeah? We've retrieved your soul. We've dialogued with it. We live in Marin. And it works. You know it works. It nourishes you. It tells you about itself. It tells you about your life's purpose if you are lucky. It helps you to maybe find a relationship that's not too dysfunctional. And the world also has a soul. And the world soul can speak to your soul. And the world soul will draw you in to this creative process of life. In its own way. Because you are not separate from it. You never were separate from it. That is just an illusion. Everybody is part of it, but some of us are being able to participate consciously. To know that we are participating. We are being present with the soul of the world. That's what it means to be really alive, you know. To be there at the very center of life where something is being born. Not thinking about it, but being it. It is why real spiritual work always comes to a place of being. And you can do it anywhere. You can do it when you are cooking the soup in the kitchen. You can do it before you go to sleep. You can do it in 5 minutes if you have time. It does not need a special environment because it is life. And life is not a special environment. Life is alive. So remember where you are, it is. Because your soul is part of the soul of the world. You are part of this mystery of creation. What is different if you like is we are being allowed to design the future. This is really what it means. To bring our light into the creative process of life that happens at the beginning of a new era. And it's just life. But life that acknowledges this vast simplicity of oneness. So what I want to do is we have half and hour or 40 minute meditation. And please, in the silence, first of all align yourself with your higher self. And this is most easily done with the breath. One of the secrets of the breath is every breath connects your higher self with your physical body. This is one of the most basic esoteric teachings. Every breath you breathe connects your higher self with your lower self and your physical body. Otherwise you would not be alive. Without that light coming down from your higher self, you wouldn't be alive. You would be just a physical organism with no consciousness. So first of all, align just with the breath. When you breathe in consciously, you are connecting your higher self with your lower self with your physical body. You bring the light of your higher self into your body. And then go to the place inside of you where everything is still. We all have that place inside of us. You don't have to stop the thoughts if you don't want to. Just go to the place, even amidst the thoughts, where everything's still. And in that place, remember that you belong to God. In that place where everything is still, you still have to have this moment of remembrance that you belong to God. Because that is a key if you like that opens you to the Divine secrets of life. Once you remember that you belong to God, you open the door to the Divine nature of life. And then when you are present, listen within yourself for the heartbeat of the world. Just like you have your own heartbeat, there is also the heartbeat of the world. It is there in the silence. You will find it there in the silence. And then merge yourself with the heartbeat of the world. It is your own heartbeat of course. Because your heartbeat is one with the heartbeat of the world. It is really a simple practice to be present not just within your own heart but the heart of the world. So we will just do that for half an hour or so, to go into the heart of the world. And it begins with the breath

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This event is part of a series of events which were open to all with a sincere interest in the emerging consciousness of oneness.

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