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Karen Berg on Spirituality

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One of the questions we ask a lot is: what does it mean to be spiritual? There are people that that have been spiritual me... I have been spiritual all my life, I understand but, I think we need to understand several things. from my perspective, any way that there are many things that we call gifts. There are people that are born clairvoyant, there are people that are born with tremendous intuition and people that are born with certain gifts. They are beyond the five sense gifts, but they are gifts. Our idea, our concept of a spiritual person is someone who has gone through challenges in their life and have overcome those challenges and come closer to understanding the essence of why we are here. for instance, a spiritual person would never say: I've had it, there is nothing left in life. You know, I've lost my job, I've separated from my family, my friends have left me. I'm done. A spiritual person would say: OK, I understand that this door is closed to me. Where is that other door that is opening? What is it that I need to learn form all these things that have happened that I have to grow beyond? This is my challenge. How do I take that challenge and make more out of my life? How many times have we, in our travels, meet people who've got ill, who had terrible things happened to them. and through those terrible experiences became more and more connected to the Light, to the positive things in life. Through the negative. I've said this before I say it again: the only way to grow is through the negative channel. And there's a story that I always love to tell about somebody that's a piece of coal. Piece of coal, put on a table, through the centuries, remains coal. But if you take that same coal, and put it through tons and tons of pressure then, and only then, do you get a diamond. in order to be that diamond, you need the pressure, you need the things that happen, that evolve around you, that changes the karma that you came into this life with. Remember, there is plenty of crusts of life times before that we are here with. The environment around us, the people that we see, our family, our friends are all there as part of this symphony to make our life into the thing it needs to be. And those people along our way are people that help us grow to find the the real essence of our spiritual nature. and that's what I call people, spiritual people are people that work on themselves. You can't have a bad temper and say "I'm a spiritual person" You can't have evil in your life. What's evil? WHen you are jealous of somebody else or you are envious of somebody else. Who looses? You loose. Because that envy and jealousy is the negative for you. It takes the place of your energy and of your life. you may ask if it bothers the other person, but more than anything else that negative that you generate forward, brings that negative back into your own life. And you loose, you loose. The punishment for all those negative things that we do in our life, the punishment is the envy is the jealousy is the anger. That's the punishment. If we understand that is such a tremendous tool. To know that the moment I look at somebody else and say "Why don't I have that?" I'm causing inside my own framework, that lack to remain. For me! Wouldn't it be great if we could understand the tool that way. Once we do that than we can see the beginnings of another way of looking at life. And when we open that channel, when we throw the ball against the wall, and we realize with certainty that that ball is going to bounce back. That ball of caring for somebody else, that ball of being there for someone when you don't wanna be there. That bounce back, that ability to know with absolute certainty that that negative that I put into somebody's life will become my negative. It will take something from my life. You know... every person has an aura, has a level around them. And every person has an energy field which is right below the aura. And every time we create a negative action of any kind, we make a little hole, like in the ozone lair, you'll find holes. When those holes become big enough, we wind up with serious problems. Sometimes is called disease, sometimes is called separation, sometimes is called death and sometimes is called by many other names. But the only name we really need to know is the name that says that I am the captain of my ship. I'm responsible weather I grow or weather I don't grow. A spiritual, spiritual person is somebody that accounts his life in the way that he response in the ability to change things that are through the conscientiousness that everything that is, is there for me as an individual to grow. Be it positive or negative.

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What is to be spiritual by Karen Berg

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