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COP Creative Jacque Fresco Part 10

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People say, well where does life come from? So then I guess somebody made two people... Some guy, sitting on a throne made a man and woman. Then he figured he needed some excitement, so he made a snake. In the early days, snakes walked upright. Did you know that? They didn't crawl on their belly. And the snake said "Eat of the fruit of knowledge". And they ate of that fruit. And they changed. And he kicked them out of their lovely garden. Well, what did he expect them to do? So, if you have children you try to make them smarter than you, Why didn't God do that? He made so many dummies! He must have been one of the lesser gods. So you see, everything, everything that you've learned... Better yourself, make a lot of money, have a nice house... But they never teach you at school how to relate, how to communicate with others... to share values with others They teach you how to make a living. You become an optomitrist, he becomes a physicist, You become a structural engineer, he's an arquitect. But in the future, none of that. Everybody's trained to be a generalist... So they understand different cultures, different values... we get to be the way we are so no one can ever use you for war, or killing anybody, or hurting anybody. Prisons...will not exist in the future We now know enough about human behaviour to engineer an environment... ...don't let that word scare you... In other words, instead of people moving into new cities in the future... If normal people moved into new cities, they'd louse up the cities. So, before they move in, you go to an orientation center... ...don't let that scare you. Here's what it means... Before you fly an aeroplane, anybody that flies here... They put you in a dummy plane first to see if you can understand how the controls work. Then they bring you over to a real aeroplane and they show you how to check the tyre pressure... to make sure there's no water in your fuel tank. And after they do that then they put you in a real plane and they show you how the controls work. You have to be put in an aeronautical environment. If you want to be a doctor, you're put in a medical environment. Think about that. And if you want to be an arquitect, you're put in an arquitectural environment. University. So in the future, you don't just move into the new cities. You're oriented first how those cities work? How do you get your resources? What do you do when you don't like something? So, you have to do that otherwise you're gonna have the same trouble. If you put normal people in the UN, you're going to have all the problems that the UN has. The UN cannot attain dynamic equilibrium 'cos their language is too old... ...they can't communiate with each other. The democrats can't communicate with the republicans! Husbands and wives have difficulty communicating. Children and parents have difficulty communicating. 'Cos our language is old and is subject to interpretation. So, if you're worried about these things they're very easy to correct. It's very easy to provide an abundance for all people... without working, without servitude. We're gonna phase out all jobs where you don't use your head. And that's most jobs. -The last time somebody teach something that radical... ...was when the Khmer Rouge [xxx?] Phnom Penn and made everybody leave the city to become peasants, to re-educate them. Well, what we do instead we encourage what you call "individuality". We bring up people....I'd better tell you what I did with my own kid, Ok? When my kid was 4 years old he said "Daddy, the wheel came off my toy car". And I said "So it did!" And I threw it in the garbage. And I picked up my book and I was reading. And I was watching out the corner of my eye and that lower lip was way out... I said "What's the matter?" He said "You've thrown it away". I said I'll get you baby toys where the wheels don't come off. He said "Well maybe I can fix it!" Then I reached for it and gave it to him. And he's trying to get that wheel on... Once he gets it on, then I pick him up and say "That's wonderful, how did you do that?" He said "I'm not that little!" "You see the hole in the wheel?" "Yes". "You see the piece of iron sticking up?" "Yes". "I put it on and turned it until it went on." Don't always say "let daddy fix it for you. Let Daddy do this. Let daddy decide what you take at college." No, give the kids problems and let them solve them. My little girl walked into my lab when she was 3 years old, I put a wrench on the nut the wrong way, intentionally. And it keeps slipping off,I put it on the wrong way again. She's there with her hands on..."Daddy, that's not the way to do it!" So I put it on another way and that didn't work. So she said "I can show you how!" And she put the wrench on the right way. It was obvious, but I didn't want her to look up to Daddy and think "He knows everything". I wanted her to scan the environment and think for herself. I said "Now what do you want, a doll?" "No! I want electric trains, they're more animated" You give a girl a doll, a little washing machine, you're programming her!" So we don't believe in trying to get anybody to anything that I want them to do. You do what you're interested in doing. You can take courses in any subject free of charge... You can walk out of school at any time, walk into any other class room... ...sit down and if you don't like it, you walk out! You learn where you wanna learn and in your own terms. Yes? -We have a question here? Yeah thank you. I'm not sure if I understand you right but, it seems to me that in this vision that you are describing... ...there is a little bit of the enlightenment ideals that motivation that through... the application of logic and [imperisism?] and reason that we can... -It's not logic that we use. I'm going to give you an example. In Germany, and America and France they have all these children standing up doing excercise together. Ok? They're ordered to appear. You do that to limber up, in the amy too. What we do is we build a lake, in all the cities there are lakes with an island in the middle. With a craft shop on top where you can make anything you want to make. In order to get there you've got to row a boat and you've got to climb a hill. So we don't order anybody to do exercise, we build it into the environment, you understand? The books are placed at a level where you'll be reaching, so you'll be moving in all directions. Instead of running like this all day with all the other kids. That's trying to dictate behaviour to generate healthier bodies. Yes? -I think will you have time for one more question? [XXX?]Zeitgeist movement often get questions regarding decision making and so on... -Speak louder. Regarding decision making by computers and so on... More than a question, I ask if you can elaborate on the kinds of technological decision making that we are already doing in our culture, as for now. I can give you an idea if you don't understand that subject too well. In the early days people used to launch model aeroplanes. Today they are radio controlled. The guy moves the controls and the model can do a loop... ...or a barrel roll, or anything. And it looks like the plane is doing it itself, but the guy is working the controls. Today you can put a chip in a model aeroplane. It'll take off, do a loop, a barrel roll and land. But if the runway is flat it'll tumble over. That's 'cos you left out a sensor. If you put a sensor infront of that model, that scans the runway... ...and if there's a crack it moves around and doesn´t land there, it lands in another place. It depends on the kind of sensors you put on your machines. They're as dumb as the designer! Yes? - Mr Fresco, thank you very much for being with us today. It was a pleasure.

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COP Creative Jacque Fresco Part 10

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