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Mighty mouse

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Mighty Mouse: in Wolf! Wolf! Will Mighty Mouse save the day? Or will the Little Lamb be taken away? Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb. Mary had a little lamb. It's fleece was white as snow. Everywhere that Mary went, Mary went, Mary went. Everywhere that Mary went, the sheep were sure to follow. It followed her to school one day School one day, school one day It followed her to school one day Which was against the rules. As the pack of wolves lie asleep one wolf stays awake. The wolves are getting hungry, so he must stay on the lookout for a delicious lamb. It made the children laugh and play, Laugh and play, laugh and play, It made the children laugh and play To see a lamb at school. "Ahh Hah! A little Lamb!" Said the wolf. "Come wolves, come! I see a little lamb!" "What? No way!" "Yahooooo" Exclaimed the wolves. Ah Ha! I have an idea!" Said one particularly smart wolf. "Now I'm a friendly lady, not a wolf. That little lamb will be like putty in my hands." "Oww, owwwwww!" Whistled the other wolfs. "Look fella's, I'm the hottest dame in the meadow" Said Harry, the smart wolf. The other wolves howled with laughter. The wolf knew that little lambs love music. Some of the lambs were smart and knew that the woman was a wolf and playing a trick however; one lamb was not as smart as his brothers and sisters. He wanted to join in! They sang joyfully and played games. Until the little lamb noticed the "woman" had unusually dark and hairy legs and a tail! The lamb ran away as fast as he could. "Dang it!"Cried the wolf, but the wolf wasn't too worried he still had something up his girly sleeve. A trumpet! "I know Ma and Pa said not to play with wolfs but maybe this one isn't so bad." The lamb thought to himself when he heard the wolfs music. Pretty soon the little lamb forgot all about what his parents told him. He was having a great time with the wolf! The wolf led the little lamb to the wolfs layer. The little lamb got scared. "This place doesn't look very friendly" He thought. But, again, the little lamb forgot about his worries so he followed the wolf through the gates. Bam! The wolfs slammed the door. The little lamb was trapped and the wolves began preparing for dinner. But the little lamb wasn't giving up just yet. Bang!! "oops missed him." said the fellow wolf Bang!! "oops I guess I missed him too! Pay back" exclaimed the head wolf. As the wolves waited their appetites grew larger and larger! "Hurry up with the food, dang it! We don't have all day" yelled one of the hungrier wolves. The speedy little guy ran for his life and escaped from the enclosure. Unfortunately the other wolves where waiting on the other side. The little lamb begged for his life. "Please don't kill me my mom will miss me!" cried the little lamb Might Mouse in his house hears a cry from a fly. He flew through the sky at great speed! And right in the nick of time! The little lamb was just being stewed. "Ouch it's hot." cried the little lamb! "Help me! Help me!" he cried. Whoooosh!!! Mighty Mouse knocked the cauldron on its side. The wolfs were not giving up their dinner without a fight. Even though they were no match for Might Mouse. Mighty Mouse had powers that even the smart wolves didn't know about. Mighty Mouse dodged and ducked, he turned and twirled. Now the wolves were just confused! "Ah Ha!" Cried the wolf. He thought he had a good idea until, once again Mighty Mouse played his tricks. Since nothing else worked, a wolf decided to bring out the gun! But, once again Mighty Mouse proved how strong he is. And took out all the wolves while flying in the cauldron. "Get the artillery!" Screamed the wolves in unison. "Bam Bam Bam!!" went the guns! As the wovle's shot at Mighty Mouse. But this strategy didn't work for the cauldron protected Mighty Mouse from the cannons. The wolves weren't going to give up yet... So they kept shooting... And "BAM!!" went the house, because all the cannons back fired back at the house! Everyone, and everything went into the sky! While everyone one was falling down... Mighty Mouse swooped down and saved the little lamb. While the little lamb pranced around on mighty Mouses back. And then finally the little mouse was returned to his moma, and siblings. "Hooray Hooray!" screamed all the little lamb. The moma was so greatfull she let Mighty Mouse stand on her head. "Thanks Mighty Mouse!" said moma. THE END!

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Posted by: jamiesongottfriedson on Nov 3, 2009

mighty mouse saves the little lamb

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