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On April 2nd 2013 Hainan Yingge WIG-Craft Manufacturing Company, through its own independent R&D, launched the maiden demonstration flight of CYG-11 WIG-Craft at the coast of Guilingyang, Haikou, China. This is a 12-seat WIG-Craft made in China capable of taking-off and landing in water. Making it a First in China. WIG-Crafts are vehicles that have performance capabilities similar to both aircrafts and ships. Utilizing the principle of ground-effect at low-altitude flight, taking advantage of the cushioning effect of air, they fly 1 - 4m above the water surface at speed of 180 - 220 km/h above the water surface. This is a high-speed transportation mode for the future comparable to the high-speed rail on land. During flight, the WIG-Craft is not in direct contact with ocean waves nor high-altitude air turbulence. The resultant flight experience is comfortable and not bumpy. They can also land on water safely anytime when required. They also have a higher payload fraction compared to aircrafts. The operation of WIG-Crafts does require airport facilities. Setting out on a journey is simpler. The low-altitude flight is undetectable by radar. They can reach places usually inaccessible to conventional aircrafts and ships. In addition to flying on water surfaces, WIG-Crafts can fly on other flat areas such as tundra, grassland, beach and swamp. WIG-Crafts can be considered, following the evolution of cars, ships and planes, the up-and-coming 4th major transportation mode. Hainan Yingge WIG-Crafts Manufacturing Company Limited, through innovative research and development, on April 2nd 2013, successfully conducted the test flight of CYG-11 at Qiongzhou Straits, Hainan. The WIG-Craft flew at 1 - 4m above the sea, reaching a speed of approximately 200km/h. The handling performance was very good, and the in-flight experience was comfortable. CYG-11 can carry 12 passengers or 1200kg of payload. Fuel consumption is 28 litres per 100km. It performs well in fuel-efficiency. On October 27, 2014, CYG-11 Number 002 at Guilingyang coastal waters, near Haikou city, Hainan, conducted a test-flight for 2-hour continuous flying. This is a world-class feat. On April 16, 2015, a twin WIG-Crafts demonstration flight by CYG-11 was successfully conducted. This is a new record in China. At the same time with official support from Hainan local government, Hainan Yingge WIG-Crafts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is carrying out further ongoing R&D. WIG-Craft model LC-11 equipped with aircraft turbo-prop engines is being developed. Design work has been completed. A proto-type shall be constructed. Our intention is to develop 40-seat and 100-seat WIG-Crafts in impending future, and in addition, WIG-Crafts with bigger payload capacities. The next step is to commence commercial manufacturing according to plan, to invest in Haikou Hainan 550 million RMB for the establishment of an integrated WIG-Craft manufacturing complex complete with pilot training, Maintenance-Repair-Operation (MRO) facilities - a high-tech industrial park. Hainan Yingge targets to manufacture 50 WIG-Crafts annually. This shall promote the rapid growth of this new technology. The development of WIG-Craft technology shall also contribute to the security patrol of the 3 million sqm of territorial water along China's coastline. It shall also contribute to the protection of maritime resources. Being an additional transportation mode it shall become a strategic asset contributing to the responsible stewardship of our maritime resources.

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Promotion Video of YINGGE CYG-11

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