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Jacque Fresco on WIOD with Larry King, December 9, 1975 (3 of 3)

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(L.King) - A Rockefeller study, as a study,the commission group doing a study for a new society. (Male Caller) - The other thing is he's very much against the occult. That's one thing I agree with them on; the people turning to astrology. Doctor Fresco, can you eliminate the human being's desire to find out those things which he can not answer? For example where we came from, what happens after we die, and things like that. What's going to happen to me tomorrow? Can you eliminate that? (J.Fresco) - I think to appropriate mis-ineducation you can. We don't want to eliminate it. We just want to enable people to be able to hypothesize or perhaps reconstruct or extrapolate the origin of the world we live in, the solar sytem and so on. (Male Caller) - The basis mainly isn't it for religions and things like this so that people are... (J.Fresco) - No, I think people are educated on the whole to be inadequate and need things. I think I'd like to see them off on their own. (Male Caller) - You also said in the future you think that people will live forever. (J.Fresco) - I said that's a possibility. (Male Caller) - Have you ever thought of the negative aspects of that? (J.Fresco) - Yes, I have. I know I don't think... (Male Caller) - What would happen with a guy like Hitler; somebody who could live forever? (L.King) - I don't know. He'd have been annihilated in the onslaught. I can think of the negative aspects but I'll tell you something. Off the top I'd take it. (Male Caller) - I realize that anything is possible but what about the overpopulation? Would you just move to different planets? (J.Fresco) - I really can't go beyond that, Sir. (Male Caller) -Surely it will be awfully crowded a couple of hundred years from now. (L.King) - Okay, so we'll have a mass show. Thanks. Hello? (Female caller) - Hello, Larry, how are you this morning? (L.King) - Fine. (Female caller) - I called for this reason because I heard the gentleman that was on before this one. To say that everybody that sees doesn't see people for what they are. I think it's very false. (L.King) - He didn't say everybody. (Female caller) - Well, because I never judge people on what they look like. I judge them on how they keep their word and what they do, not by what they look like. (L.King) - Do you say that you're average in that respect? (Female Caller) - I know quite a few people that do that. I'll loan anybody a nickle to a dollar just to find out if they remember to keep their word to pay it back because it's worth that little bit of money. (L.King) - That's like you're running a test. (Female Caller) - No, I mean you work hard for your money. It's not a test but... (L.King) - Someone might give you back a dollar to get five next week and run away. (Female Caller) - What I'm saying basically is you can find out a lot about people just by that because I don't loan people... (L.King) - Wouldn't you certainly say that you respected the gentleman's thoughts? The gentleman has gone blind, and felt he found a better life for himself. I felt that was usually interesting. (Female Caller) - No, I don't mean that. I mean the point is to say that people are all blind. They can't see things for what they really are. (L.King) - He didn't say that. He said most people, and I would tend to agree with him. (Female Caller) - You could say most people had bad manners, and a few other things. (L.King) - Correct. (Female Caller) - To say that a lot of people are like that, I don't think that with the way communication is, and things are out in the open and people will discuss things in the open they wouldn't have discussed 20 years ago. A lot of young people want to hear the truth these days much more than they did 20 or 30 years ago. I can't quite agree with him. (L.King) - Okay thank you. We are in our waning moments. How would you sum up these four hours from the social scientific standpoint? (???????) - think this has been a very interesting discussion, I think there has been a lot of relevant comments from the callers on quite a variety of topics. Some quite to the point or scientific. I think that Doctor Fresco's new society presents some interesting alternatives. I think that one of the questioners 3 or 4 calls ago suggested that there would be another program with either the same panel or people discussing the ways in which we can change this society. I think all of us, including Neil?????? would be interested in that. I think that's quite an interesting topic because there are many things we can do to change our society in the next few years. (L.King) - Well, I hope to prevent the holocaust but... Doctor Fresco hopes that ???????????? predicts. How would you sum it up, Virginia, from the anthropological view? (V.Hine) - I would agree that it's been very interesting. I think the number of calls and the obvious sincerity and interest in which the people spoke would suggest that it's been interesting to others too. I think one of the things that has been fun about this is that here we've been talking about one belief system. If you want to look at that way. One view of what our desirable future would be and our society is spawning these; many of these kinds of ideas about what the future should be. I think that yours, Jacque, is along the planned society concept. There are other people who are envisioning future societies too who would start with absolutely separate assumptions from yours, and they build there desirable. There are in between people who are actually experimenting, who are not just designing them ideologically, but actually living them and experimenting in them. To me this is the excitement of this evolutionary stage that we are in. (L.King) - Doctor Fresco, you've caused excitement wherever you go. (J.Fresco) - That's the intention, to make people think about things. (L.King) -I look forward to seeing your films and I'm going to try and get Jackie to see them too because I know she'll find them interesting. Great pleasure having you on and I thank you and we'll do it again. Thank you, it's been a privilege. (L.King) - Our guests have been Doctor Jacque Fresco. He is the founder of Sociocyberneering. If you want more information, you can contact them during the day, 4432895, 4432895. Virginia Hine, instructor and research anthropologist. ?????? J. Doubler, social scientist. Earlier with us for 3 and a half hours, the attorney and former chief prosecutor of the U.S. attorney's office, Neil ?????. This is WIOD Miami, we'll have a public service message, and then Henry Barrow 5 o'clock news.

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Part 3 of a panel discussion with Larry King on WIOD Miami, Dec. 9, 1975

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