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Ruixian Fan - Xian, China - Mandarin - (Global Lives Project, 2013) ~ 15:00:00-15:29:59

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Ah! I'm going to wash my hands. Hello...I will leave the basketball in Zhang Yang's room. Thanks...yeah. Yeah...I just came upstairs; I don't want to play anymore. I am in the study room. When I went down just now, I bumped into them playing beach volleyball in that court. I played volleyball with them for a while Ah, my arms are so sore now! - What? They have all left the game! Who can I play with now? Yeah, there were five of them. When I joined, there were six. Yeah, then they were very enthusiastic about letting me play with them. Right. Yeah... very at ease. It's already past 5; it's time to go to the study room. I played so hard; I can barely lift my right arm now. I hadn't played for a long time. Hello? Hello? Your call... the number you are dialing is not avaiable. Sure, sure. Have you seen mine? Is it okay? Just now... it doesn't look very good, huh? Of course. Then I am...I am more confident about it now. Okay. Thanks. Hi, could you... send it to Miao for me again? Send it to Miao for me please. Um... um. Um, okay, thanks. Bye. — Hey... ah, I am sweating so much. — You are so early. Yeah, I came this morning. — Ah. — You lost weight. — What? — You lost weight. Go away! Why can't you say something nice? — You are too thin. — Ah, my right arm hurts. I hurt it while playing volleyball. — Hey, your turn on duty? — Yeah. — Have you two been dispatched in the same team? — Have we been dispatched in the same team? But after he became the captain... wait, we did once. Do you think that I am qualified? Do you think that I am qualified? — No. — Anyway, she is on the team of this train. Come on, you! How can I be so lucky? Ouch! I am really screwed. It hurts. — This is it for me. I am going to work. — Okay. — Going to Qingdao is nice. — Mr. Nice, that... What's wrong? I want to change my job now. — What? — Change my job. — You don't want to work here anymore? — Yeah. — Where do you want to go? — Don't know yet. — Where are you going? You don't know? — East Railway Station. — East Railway Station? — Yeah. Oh no, I signed the wrong place. I signed the wrong place. Does Mr. Bao still work with you as before? He is still the same as before. Of course he needs rest too. How come! It's impossible, so old now. Old man can also go. We should let young people go. — Hey, can you play beach volleyball? — No. Ah, I just played beach volleyball for a while; my arms ache now. I've never played before. Oh, I should have called you earlier to play badminton. Can you play badminton? — Yes. — Ah, what a pity. Till the 29th next month. Back on the 20th. It's the 19th today. the 27th? June has 30 days, right? The previous train is... Yeah, the 30th. I used to play volleyball very well. Didn't expect to lose today. Oh, it's so hot! They say... your babies look more and more... one like you, one like her. — We haven't noticed it. — Really? — Isn't it true? — Since I see them everyday. The one that your mother takes care of, who does he/she look like more? He/she looks like my mother because she takes care of him/her. — The one that looks like you is the older one? — Yeah. Look at these two _?_. It was cold, and they won't come out. Wow, you are right! I know right. One looks like you, one looks like her. These two little babies! What a resemblance! They look adorable! Our babies genuinely show the power of genetics. They don't look like their mom anymore. They look more and more like you. More and more alike. Now you two look alike too... Wow! West Passenger I really don't know that. Yesterday I went to that... that supermarket. My God, what did you buy? You mean they were cheap? The boss said so, it looks like... yeah. The boss went to somewhere else. — You are not taking a break too? — Yeah. What? Oh, I took a break last month. Ah, I have a cold. What a pain. Don't follow me, I am going to... Feel the wind. I thought that you are not coming. I said so. — We happens to be in need of staff. — I come just to fill the gap. — Um, there are exams tomorrow afternoon. — That early? There's training tomorrow afternoon. He has final exams next Friday. — I won't go anywhere for four out of five days. — Just to stay with him? Yeah, stay with him. — Good luck. — Good luck. — Leave on Thursday then? — Right. Monday... Monday... okay. Whenever I talk about this, you react like this. I feel that it is very cool out there, so let's leave early. I'll go over there... I will sit here, I will sit here. I finally understood your comment on what I said. You want me to notice... you lost weight, right? You are thinner. Thinner than the last time I saw you. Your belly is gone. Really? You haven't noticed it? We have all noticed the change. Mainly caused by... looking after the babies? — Can you organize and give me the material for the exam? — You are using disposable diaper now. You don't have diapers to wash anymore. Everybody is on...WeChat now. You bought a bracelet for Ms. Hao! — What bracelet? — ? It’s a “bracelet." ? Can you read it for me? — This is the list. — Start from the beginning? Zhou Yongkang, Zhao Yali, Quan Zhiqiang, He Xiaofeng, Zhou Xiaoyun, Zhang Congwen Slow down, slow down, Zhou Xiaoyun? Yeah. Zhang Congwen, Pang Liping, Yang Jianqiang, Liu Fengyun, Sun Hongwei, Peng Liquan, Hu Mingjun, Huang Hongcun Yang Xuejun, Malin, Zhangwei, Zhang Weiping, then it is Yan Liming, another one is Li Penglin. — Yan Liming... — Yeah. This... the form is ready. We can send it to everyone. When will the team get together and have a meeting? Then bring this to the hospital. Are these copies enough? If there are any extras, they're all on those two tables. I will get you some hot water. — He will go home to practice, right? — Yeah. We do the cleaning, right? Should that be the end of May? That should be the end of May I remember that it is at the end of May. What good tea are you going to make? This is white...white flower tea. With ginseng? I didn't pay attention! I was going upstairs. — You went up to the fourth floor? — I also went up to the fourth floor.

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Duration: 30 minutes and 1 second
Country: China
Producer: Ruhi Moran
Director: Qinhua Guo
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Posted by: globallives on Feb 26, 2014

After playing volleyball, Ruixian Fan returns to her office at Baoji train station. She relaxes with a few of her collegues in the conference room before their staff meeting.

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