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50 Renowned Academics Speaking About God - Part 1

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50 Famous Academics Talks About God A Film by Dr. Jonathan Pararajasingham The more scientifically literate, intellectually honest and objectively skeptical a person is, the more likely they are to disbelieve in anything supernatural, including god. This film is compilation of some of the best examples of such individuals and their thoughts on the divine. All the speakers featured are elite academics and professors at top institutions, many of them are also Nobel Laureates. I think most scientists don't think enough about God to know whether they believe in him or not. It is just irrelevant. I think they don't think even enough about him whether to know they are atheists. But, the bottom line is, if you look at the universe and study the universe, what you'll find is that there's no evidence, that we need anything other than the laws of physics and the other laws of science to explain everything we see. There's absolutely no evidence that we need any supernatural hand of God. But I do not believe in an anthropomorphic God that, somebody that's a man that that...somewhat that had made that. And, to answer the question about the afterlife all I can say is that it would be great, but but I have no conviction that there is an afterlife. All together, I can't believe the special stories that have been made up. About our relationship to the inverse at large beacuse there seem to be...too simple....too connected too local, too provencial. The earth! He came to the earth! One of the aspects of the God he came to the earth, mind you. And looks what's out there! How isn't in proportion. I don't know, I got no religious belief at all I think. I think it is a subject of a comedy, a part of a human comedy. I think science talks about the world as we have it and religion tries to talk about what lies behind or above it. Hume thinks it fails to talk about that because there is no sense to be had. All idea is have applications in the world as we have it. So religion is actually... just is best when it's quiet, it's best when it's silent. I believe, the sum total of all of the causal influences on me at the moment. And that is not a trivial issue. So you really don't believe......that God... And the interesting question is, if it were true...if it were true then we have to abandon every single thing we believe about the causal universe about one even causing another, about all events having anticedent causes and say that human beings are set aside from the rest of the physical world and yet we know we are made up of bits and the stuff that the rest of the world is made up of the molecules in you were once upon a time in a star somewhere and they ended up chance. So why not believe that we could also give account how those molecules are working inside them and produce their actions? And produce this curious impression we have of the sense of self and choice as if there's a some kind of helmsman inside there, really deciding absolutely what they are going to do, irrespective what the world tells them. I am a cognitive psychologist, who take a throughly naturalistic approach to the human mind, meaning the mind is a product of brain, the brain is a product of evolution. I think there is no need to invoke an immaterial soul, in understanding how the mind works and therefore one of the traditional motivations for believing in a spiritual realm or a deity seems to be in the process of being undercut by the science of a human nature, such as neuroscience, evolution, and genetics. My thing about the word God is that I am not sure if I know what it really means. I certainly have a big place in my philosophy for the unknown I don't think at this point we have any way of knowing where the laws of physics came from, we can hope that when we really understand the laws of physics that they will describe how to universe came into existence. I have never seen much in the idea that the universe was designed. My problem with the concept it always seems that the designer more sophisticated and more complicated than the object being designed. It certainly true the way it works with cars, buildings and trucks.

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Jonathan Pararajasingham has pulled together a montage of 50 renowned academics, mostly all scientists, talking about their thoughts on the existence of God. The list includes includes 16 Nobel prize winners, and a bundle of recognizable names, including Richard Feynman, Steven Pinker, Oliver Sacks, Bertrand Russell, Stephen Hawking, and Leonard Susskind.

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