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You ready for your meeting? Yep! [car brakes, horn] Knock 'em dead, alright? I'll call you later. (George) You know what I wanna do? (Linda) Hmm? (George) I want to take off that robe and [yawn] [quiet snoring] (Linda) Why are you not at work, George? Oh, got to - I f - got fired. As soon as we can get back on our feet, we'll come back to New York, but right now my brother's offered me a job, and Atlanta's the best place for us to be. [Linda screams] [doorbell] Hey, there he is! My homeless brother. Where's your cardboard box? And Linda, my god! Your body is redonkulous! Rarr! Rick, I think you're making everybody uncomfortable. Oh, everybody knows what I mean. (Rick) Here you go, simple data entry. (George) You want me to, uh, enter this data? (Rick) You questioning me? Don't question me. Are you serious? Am I serious? You're fired. You're re-hired. Consider that a warning shot. Let's get the hell out of here. (Linda) Alright, I can't be in this car anymore. (George) Easyum Bed and Breakfast. [both gasp] You looking for the B and B? Another half mile, you can't miss it. Leave? Yeah. (Linda) Oh my god! It's coming after us. He wants to make a suit out of our skin. [yelling] You guys okay? We'll take care of ya. My name's Wayne, by the way. I'm a nudist. (George) Uh, yes, we noticed your penis earlier. (Wayne) Touché! (George) All these people live here. This is a commune. (man) We prefer "intentional community". We're not a bunch of hippies, sitting around playing guitar. ♪ [guitar strumming] ♪ [Elvis Costello - "What's so Funny about Love"] Wrap your fingers around the base of it, work the shaft down to the tip. And then, lick the tip. What? Lick the tip. Lick the tip. Welcome to the Easyum community. [cheers] It's not like we're signing a lease. We'll give it a month,... [horse neighs] (Linda) Two weeks. Oh, George. I like you. I like you too, Eva. We should make love sometime. How would you and Linda feel about that? Uh, (George) This place is incredible. (Linda) I actually feel like I'm a part of something that's real. What is this? Ayahuasca tea. It reeks like at cat butt. It has hallucinogenic properties. I can fly! You can't fly. I believe I can fly! If you're gonna get literal with an R. Kelly song, let's do "Trapped in the Closet". So, I'm light on your bio. You know man, is it cool if maybe we talk about this later? Take your time. [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Feb 5, 2012


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