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Ruixian Fan - Xian, China - Mandarin - (Global Lives Project, 2013) ~ 21:00:00-21:29:59

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Here you go. Here you go. Alright, here you go. You board, you board, you board, you board. Where is the exit, please? Go through this tunnel for the exit. Are you sending friends away? Get off the train as soon as you can please. — Sure, won't be long. — Alright, take care. Here you go. — Take it slow. — Sure. You board first. Here you go. Here you go. Show me the ticket you go. Here you go. — Is this the hard-seat compartment? — Number 12. — Is the 12th compartment that way? — Yeah. Hello, show me the ticket please...well, here you go. Show me the ticket please...well, here you go. Semi-cushioned bunk compartment. Alright, here you go. Show me the ticket you go. Just need to talk to my mother. Hello, be careful. Alright, here you go. — Somebody videotaping you? — Yeah. Hello. Hi, here you go. Be me please. Here you go. — Be careful, kids. — Hurry up. Here's your ticket. Be careful. Show me the tickets please. Which two? — These two. — Alright, here you go. — Be careful...leave it with me, let me help you. — Yes please help me with this one. Absolutely. careful, careful. — Thank you so much. — You are welcome. Here you go. I will help you with the luggage, you board first. — Could I help? — Certainly, thank you. — Thank you. — Welcome. Hi, here you go. Alright, here you go. Hello, here you go. Here you go. I could help you with okay? Be careful. — Hello. — Here you go. Where's yours? — Hi, here you go. — Fine. Hi...have a look...okay, here you go. Here you go. Here you go. Be careful please. Hello, let me you go...I'll help you...leave it with me. — Thank you. — Welcome. Here you go. For you. you go. Hello, please. Be careful please. Hi, here you go. Thank you, here you go. Let's hurry, go. Here you go. Don't worry! I will be fine! — Somebody's already taken the seat. — Already taken? Bye for now, it is freezing here. Passengers on platform please hurry for boarding. I got it by spending hard-earned money, okay. Here you go. Here you go. Xi'An Railway Bureau Xi'An Passenger Transport Train Attendant Ruixian Fan Here you go. — Would a soft bunk be available please? — What? — A soft bunk. — A soft bunk is unlikely to be available. — Oh unlikely available? — Yeah, because all of the ticketing offices in China are now connected. Whatever Xi'An Station hasn't sold, the other stations could have sold it. — Which one is hard-seat carriage please? — The 12th. — The 12th? — Yeah. — I will get off at Xian Yang, just one stop away. — Alright. Hello. Here you go. All out now? — Here you go. — Thanks. Be careful. — Hi, which compartment? — The 12th. — The 12th? — Your shift? — My shift, my shift. — Could you please let me know...where to get the ticket? — Over there. Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!

Just go, go! Go go go go! Here you go. Here you go.

Video Details

Duration: 30 minutes and 1 second
Country: China
Producer: Ruhi Moran
Director: Qinhua Guo
Views: 53
Posted by: globallives on Feb 28, 2014

Ruixian Fan stands in position outside the number 8 carriage of the K165 train line at the Xi'an train station. Passengers rush by. Some ask her questions and move on while others board the train.

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