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How light enters the eye

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Mr Einstein? Einstin? Mr Einstin, I've been reading about how the eyes are complex, sensory organs that focusses light onto photoreceptors the sensory cells of the eye, known as rods and cones. But, how does light actually enters the eye, so I can see objects? Here is how it works The eye is broken into two compartements that are separated by the lens and the ciliary body A watery compartment in the front of the eye and the compartement filled with a gel-like material in the large rear area of the eye When light first enters the eye, it passes through the cornea, a fixed lens which refracts or bends the light Next, the light crosses the watery compartment and passes through the pupil From there it enters the ajustable lens, the transparent structure containing highly crystalline proteins This time the lens refracts the light the ciliary body surrounds the lens and its muscles and ligaments suspending control the shape of the lens for example, when you look at a distant object the waves of light are almost parallel, therefore the lens can remain flat an focusses on the retina, the inner layer of the eye that contains the photoreceptors However when you look at objects that are close the lens has to adjust to the scatered light rays the ciliary body contracts which forces the lens to became rounded in order to focuss on the retina What about rods and cones? They are located on the retina Due to the refraction of tight fron the cornea and the lens the image projected on the retina is inverted and distorted from left to right. After passing through several cellular layers the light reaches the rods and cones Rods and cones convert light energy into electrical impulses which eventually reach the optic nerve What's the optic nerve do? Optic nerve transmit visual information from the retina to the brain The area in the brain where the visual information unzap is known as the visual cortex The visual cortex compiles all the information send to us from eye and the optic nerve And this is how brain let us see the world

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description of the eye structure and the processes that allow vision

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