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Carolina Cutie Pie Pageant

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MR ZISMAN: Got you some breakfast. BILLY: Sweet! MR Z: Hmm... What's today? B: Saturday MR Z: Ah, we could start up some trouble here. I'm ashamed I got to drop you off at your dad's tomorrow. Oh, to Hell with it! Let's go have some fun! MR Z: Well, what do you wanna do now? B: I've got an idea... MR Z: Ha ha ha! MEN AT THE HALL: Hi, How are you? MR Z and B: Good. MR Z: Alright. Now, when we walk in that room, your name is Lindsey Dill, ok? You're a pretty little girl, so no farting and no swearing, you got it? Let's go in. REPORTER: Hi, we're making a video for a pageant. GIRL: Who are you? R: My name is Jill Kill. Can I ask you some questions about the pageant? You know, it's my job. R: How many pageants have you been in? G: I've probably been in a thousand pageants. R: And how many of them did you win? G: I won... every single one! MUM: It's competitive... It's a sport. So mums get... they get into the competition and if you're gonna do it, then do it right. (to the girl) Stop now! If you wanna do it, then do it right. I mean you've got to be willing to be competitive and that's what happens. Sometimes I think that competition, just like any other sport, gets the best of everybody. PRESENTER: Well, thank you so much for being here tonight at the Carolina Cutie Pie Young Miss Pageant. Because this is such a special night, we have a very special surprise for you. Tonight, for the winner, we are going to give away five thousand dollars! Uuhhhhh! Five thousand dollars!! MR Z: That's great!!! And now we are gonna get into our beauty gown competition. Are you excited? Come on, I love it!! Contestant number one, please come to the stage... ... looking very beautiful tonight... P: This is contestant number ten: Lindsey Dill. Lindsey has curly brown hair and hazel eyes. Her hobbies are football, fishing and playing with her sock monkeys. And she brought her proud grandpa. Ladies and gentlemen, our contestant number ten, Lindsey Dill. MR Z: That's my granddaughter. MR Z: Your girl is so precious... she is so precious. And did really good. I don't know if she is good enough for the fist prize but she did really good. R: How do you think the competition is going so far? G: Good. R: Do you think you have competitors? G: Some... One of these girls has her grandpa here. R: Is that weird? M: We've just never seen it, so it's different. P: And this is contestant number ten, everyone. Lindsey Dill. MR Z: Ohhh! MR Z: We're locking it up! MR Z: Come on! GIRL: That's a boy!! MR Z: Shit! Come on! P: Ladies and gentlemen... here's to Lindsey Dill.

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Posted by: castillo on Mar 27, 2014

An old man and his 8-year-old grandson were travelling across the US when they decided to take part in a beauty pageant. Far from having a chance to win, they ruined the show mercilessly...

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