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Alpha and Omega (2010)

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[long wolf howl] [female grunts of exhertion] [metal music] Oh yeah. (narrator) Kate was at the top of the pack... Looks like we're eating caribou tonight boys. (young wolves) Yes! (narrator)...Humphrey was at the bottom of the heap. (Humphrey) Get your but outta my face. [annunciated spit] [kate laughs] ♪ [Steppenwolf "Born to Be Wild"] Wow. (Humphrey) Kate is hot. Humphrey, you know the rules. She's an Alpha. And you're-an Omega. We can eat together... ...but we can't, you know... ...Pal together. (Humphrey) O-kay. ♪ Born to be wild ♪ (narrator) Now, they're both about to be stuck in the middle.... (Kate) Uh! (Humphrey) Ow! [droning of a prop airplane] (male voice) Set 'em free. (narrator) ...of nowwhere. (Kate) Idaho? (Humphrey) Ida-who? (goose) You were relocated to, hu-hum...repopulate. Ah! Sounds good to me. No! I have to get back to Jasper Park, Canada. (grey goose) Quick - get in. (narrator) They have nothing in common... (Kate) What's wrong with you? (Humphrey) I have to go. (Kate) Can't you hold it (Humphrey) No, I can't. (narrator) ... and no clue what they're in for. (Humphrey) Hey there. (little bear) You're totally weird. [bear roaring] (Kate) Don't move a muscle - We can handle this. (Humphrey) We can? [louder growling] Okay - I just went. Kate! (narrator) But together, they just might discover... (Humphrey) Grab my tail! Ow! My tail. (narrator)...everything they need. (Humphrey) You know, we make a pretty good team. Hah! We do. (narrator) This fall... Omega 1, Alpha 0. (Kate) Nuh-uh. That sly dog! (Narrator) ...comes a whole new breed of adventure. Jump! Trust me! I told you you could trust me. Yee-hah! (narrator) In eye-popping 3D. ♪ [Duran-Duran - "Hungry Like The Wolf"] Oh - no-no-no-no-no! Ow - again with the butt. (narrator) Alpha and Omega (grey goose) I am not afraid of wolves. Quick! Look behind you! [goose panting heavily] ♪ and I'm hungry like the wolf ♪ Watch this! [Captions by]

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Captioned Trailer for Alpha and Omega

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