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Rael Feliciano - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Portuguese (Global Lives Project, 2006) ~18:19:32 - 18:35:43

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- Do you want to drink? What's up bro. We're going to a show. -What's up? Everything ok? Want wine? -Power to us! To me! It's me! -Look at those guys over there. -That guy was drunk yesterday Only if you let me ride that twister. Just kidding, just kidding I don't know how to ride a motorbike. Let me, bro! If you let me go down to Eça, to the end. What's up, some wine? - All good! - Hang on bro. - Power to us! - Right? Hang on, hang on! - What's up. Bye, bye, bye, bye! - Bye! Take care! Can you take a walk? - Ouch, Rafael! - Sorry, Gi. Did you see your picture here? Here, the photo I have of you. - From the baby shower? - No, from the baby shower I only have Paulinho's. It's all taking a lot of space. - Can't you copy them to a computer? Yes, but I don't have how to do that for now, so... ... I... look, Paulinho's pic. it's great!!! - Look, the crazy... - What? - ... driving me crazy. - Your family? - Yes. - Look at you. What difference! ♫ Ó diferença... Damn bro. It's almost cruel. Hey, Paulo! You're using crap. I think this looks weird. - I think it's weird, ha, I think it's shit. - I don't know bro. I said: let's go, man! I said: let's go. I said: let's go, let's go, let's go. I'm already late, bro. Bro, I don't think I'm going to work tomorrow. Tomorrow, I don't think I'll go to work. - I'm sick. I don't think I'll work tomorrow. I think I'm going to a doctor. And he was gonna let me ride the twister, ha! He was gonna let me ride the twister! By the middle, it would be all broken. Oh, what's up! Ah, gangsta girlfriends, all of them. What can I say to them? Hello? - No, don't say anything. Just hello. - Girls in a mood like that, who do you think they hook up with? (People praying out loud) - Look at the car, look at the car!- Oh! What's up! - God bless! - Thank you, sir. - Amen, sir. ♫"Jah love" ! - What's up? - All good, João? Peach, right? It's the best... It' in the moment, bro. Look it's Doidi, bro. Paulinho, let's go somewhere else to drink afterwards? - Yes. - When I came out and saw Doidi's shirt.. I know that dude, man! When I saw Doidi, I said Doidi... _ Doidi is at the bakery, did he say? - Yes. ♫♫♫ ♫ Jah love, Jah love ♫♫♫ Robertooo! - What's up, bro? Hey bro, all good with you? Right on. All good? ♫Protectors! ♫oh, oh, oh Jah love, Jah love bro, I went... I went to sleep... ah but... I hung around the street, until three in the morning. - Oh, what's that! - Do you get it! No, it was crazy. (inaudible) Fifteen police cars. Bro, I saw around fifteen yesterday. Here, together with up the hill, the ones that drove by, get it? It was crazy yesterday. Pedro, did you talk to the guys today? Did you talk to the guys today? All ready? - Yes. I sent a message again to confirm. - Ah, I'm not... I can't say anything otherwise... I'm gonna sell this cap - Say bro, crazy shy bro. - ♫Crazy shy's in the house, girls get down. Crazy Shy is a family of crazy nuts who... - more or less... - Tell, bro! - Crazy Shy is more or less based on what you've seen... ... in the last hours of Rael's life. That's basically Crazy Shy. - Not counting the football team, right? - Do you think Rael has many friends? You'd have to spend... ... a week with him to see the amount of friends he has. Many people know this citizen. - It would be crazy. - You are phenomenon! Like his own dad says, you are a "phenonemon" Did you see that my dad came in when I was getting a tattoo? - He was already.. he was already... drank! - ... he came to me... Rael! Mr. Zé, I'm not Rael. He's not here yet. "don't you know you can get sick from that?" Dad... he kept going... I was all, oh crap. I said, Erico never mind, it's paid for. - Erico is a great guy, right bro? - It was paid, my dad was giving So he... that's why I said it... My dad... bro how did you... how could I be any different? Look at his swing. Where's Pedrão? Is he coming? - Yes. - Thank God. Where are the guys? - All at Kiko's... the sound system. - I should have brought the guitar. - Yes! - But then I would have to listen to all again. - No, I'd play other ones. I have new songs. - I played some of mine... ... then I'll cover sounds from others. - Buxa is coming. Buxa is busy as hell, but I told him... Right, oh... he's not making it... I told him... Pedrão tell me if I'm wrong... for a month now we have no time to present anything. we must have something to present. But I told him, "it's the second show the third show that ... without you, get it? The time will come when you have to choose, bro. Because that's the way it is! A time comes when you have to choose! If it was me I'd have to choose too, bro, between work and... I think the show will be great, different crowd, full No, and there's an opportunity today, understand? - Yes! - I think it's important to us. It's not even me. But there's his side too. - No, I understand his side, bro. I didn't say I didn't understand, but, like, if it goes on like this, I told him, we starting now. People call Pentagono to go there, when it's crowded like today, I wanna see Pentagono... We're just starting! Did you show any CD at that time? No, just the CD cover, but not the sound. - I didn't show any songs. Is the disk sound on? Give them all a CD afterwards ok pedrão? All, give it to them all. David. Where's David? - I have to check with Kiko. Or Buxa. I sold all I had in my house. David is putting gas on the truck. Putting gas. - I have to talk to him, he wants a... (inaudible) Did you see the site of the sports court yet? It's only one of my projects. We'll have capoeira, music lessons... - Who's there - Moleque, Du - Spy too, right Rael? - Yep, Spy for sure, if they haven't got to him. So, Du... other people are involved also, the guys are organizing, it's a cool spot. Did you see how the kids get? The guys put me up to play capoeira. I can't play. I can only breakdance. You gave a spin... - No, it was a "windmill", I did one. I was scared because of the tattoo when I did it. Because the movement uses the shoulder. - How many days do you have to wear that thing? - Like a week. - A week. - Like... two, three days, bro. Until it stops sticking. - No, just so that nothing goes in... like, dust, dirt. - And so that the pores don't open. So that the lines don't open. If the lines are damaged so is the tattoo. - Usually, the lines open if you hit... - I don't think they opened... at the time I did the "windmill", bro. - But anyway, João? - These are opened on the mane here... And that writing project, did you start? Was that Buxa? No, the guys. Where's Buxa bro, I wanted to do the show with Buxa, bro. - He's leaving Pinheiros around eight, man. - Eight from Pinheiro to Itapericerica is closer than coming here, bro. He just needs to know the place, just call, Pedro, do you know where... - Maybe he's calling here. Hey Kikão? Hold on, bro. When we get there we'll stop by. Don't worry, leave it all there and we'll get it. I'm at Eça, we'll be there in half an hour. No, no, no, no, tell him it's at Capelinha - Is it Buxa? Easy, easy, easy. - I think he called Kiko. Hold on Kiko. Talk to Pedro, he knows what's up.

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Walking outside and then sitting and hanging out on stairs with friends.

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