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Wayne Madsen: Japan real target of Korea attack

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Evidence just didn’t add up. Battleship sinks, finger’s point to one source. Tensions escalated. War is imminence. I’m not talking about recent attack on South Korean battleship that sparks that caused risk with it’s neighbors to the North, but one that happen nearly 50 years ago. But the two stories have striking similarity now new intelligence says that sinking of the Craone was a false flag. Is there truth to this new one. Joining me to discuss it more, investigative journals RT contributor Wayne Madsen thanks so much for joining us. Now. As I mentioned the Gulf of Tonkin August 1980s or 1964. two separate incidence one did take place, the second incidence we later found out facade, are we seeing similar actions take place right now between North and South Korea? Well, all the indication are that target audience were this incident off of Baengnyeong islands which is parts of the western most side of South Korea, but directly opposite North Korea, that the target was Japan government. Japan’s center-left government oppose the US keeping this marine base in Okinawa, and as the results of heighten tensions of Korean peninsular, prime minister Hatoyama has flipped, allowing the US relocated it’s base in Okinawa it's resulted in rift of it’s own government, social democratic party partner was forced to resign from the coalitions, yesterday and she was negotiating another deal with Mayor of Tinian, which was the northern mariana, so a lot going on, increasing the tensions in the Korean peninsular resulted in a the US keeping this military presents in Okinawa when the people of Okinawa want the US military gone yesterday. You really mentioned what we’re trying to get the core of here, and that’s why provoke another the Gulf of Tonkin incidence, so Japan does playing into this. Very much so. We had to point out South Korean president Lee Myung Bak is hard-line right winger, he came in office intending to retchet up tensions with North Korea. Well look at who’s get the benefited, cui bono on this, it’s not the North Korea, The lucrative trade in economic zone that they've had with the South Korea has been cut off they will lose now hard currency, Kim Jung-il who very rarely travels when he does he only travels by train, went to Beijing, my sources in Beijing say that he went to Beijing. Chinese authorities said that North Korea did this? He denied it. They were satisfied of this response. Now, Chinese are very suspicious of the US’s intentions of ratchetting things up in Korean peninsular. I’ll also note that Baengnyeongs Island are also the host of US and South Korea’s intelligence base there were US navy seals presents. There were USNS salvor civilian navy ships, with sixteen deep sea divers happened to be on board at the same time Cheonan was sunk by this torpedo that was later to be discovered Germany manufactured German say that no No military weapon to North Korea this thing’s starting to look like a classic false flag operations. Wayne, let's try to look into this or foresee the future, if you will, what is the US going to benefit from this, and will we look back on this say twenty years ahead of time like we did look on with the Gulf of Tonkin and says that this was the prelude to whatever the US’s trying to achieve as you’re implying right now? Well hopely we’re not going to see outbreak of war on Korean Peninsular. We have to remember that there is still like a technical states of war. There was never peace treaty signed between the North and the South, so things get out of hand very very fast. As I mentioned the Chinese are looking at this very suspiciously, and this come as right as we have new national security strategy put out by Obama, or stress unilateralism and all this nice things. I thinks this is same neocon bush foreign policy wrapped up by different wrapping paper. there’s no reason North Korean aren’t asked for the US embassy in Pyongyang, we don’t have one there. It makes no sense not to have US embassy in Pyongyang to discuss this issue, just like makes no sense not to have a US embassy in Teheran or US consulate in Ramallah or Gaza for that matter and I thinks this just goes to show that Obama administration’s playing cold war politics, business is usual with them. And seems like the media also playing into this as well, I spoke to some members of congress yesterday during a vote, and they are wanting on there mind dealing with North Korea was war war war, so does that seems to a factor in this situation? I think anything can divert tensions from US economic situations, we also have economic issue between the US and China. we noted that Hillary clinton was in Beijing, trying to ask Chinese authorities to be tough on North Korea and there were Timothy Geithner. I understands that from my sources in Beijing that was almost like a love fast between Hillary Clinton and Geithner over Beijing, and Chinese authorities are saying that wait a minute what’s going on here? you’re saying that you want us to get tough on North Korea and there’s like a gap fast going on between gartner and Hillary Clinton. they’re very perplexed and very puzzled that US behaviors and I think that they should be, I think this is just again like the Gulf of Tonkin situations, just another example of the US engaged in a false flag. I think false flags are now the way to go international military strategy. That was insight from investigative journalist, RT contributor Wayne Madsen. Great to have you with us always.

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Was the destruction of the South Korean warship Cheonan a provocation? Can it be compared to the Gulf of Tonkin? RT contributor Wayne Madsen says that the sinking of the warship was really intended to convince Japan not to move US forces off Okinawa as well as divert the attention of Americans from the dire economic situation at home.

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