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El Plan Daniel Sesión 2

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Welcome back to session two of the Daniel Plan Series. This week we're going to be focus on the essential of food. it's something that we all love, that we all partake in several times a day and I think frankly that this is an area where we can use the most input and how to get an amazing choices going on. I like that are actually replenishing building and really helping us to move forward on our journey and how and family practice be an amazing session starting with Pastor Rick laying the foundation of the Biblical inspiration for taking care of ourselves and then we have the privilege of being interviewed by doctor Marc Hammond he's one of our founding doctors and he has the claim phrase food as medicine, he has found a way to choose foods that are not only delicious but add energy and vitality into our life his tips are so practical I think they really are going to help all of us in our journey towards health so sit back relax and enjoy yourself and I hope this fashion is so building for you as you move forward thanks so much. You know I'm definitely struggled with you know making healthy choices my whole life I've struggled with an eating disorder for for a lot of my life had been having migraine headaches probably weekly for probably three or four years and and million peeing my life about a huge huge family history on both sides have my family with the cholesterol issues and I was kinda sugar fiend so and which is bad for me because I've got to in my a genetics my grandparents they're all diabetic and i'm just thinking while I well I've gotta stop doing all these things my husband and I participate in the Daniel plan together through our small group but I must say that he probably provided a little bit more resistant That I would have liked so I tried a lot of new recipes and I would be probably about fifty percent off instock in the other 50 percent I got some pushback but I don't see sodas in my house anymore n cream corn is no longer a big food group so we've made some big progress. after a little while you stop craving sodas or sugar or whatever it is and the first sixty days I lost close to 35 pounds when it came to the other side had lost 12 pounds compete with the bonus I would clear thinking I lost 30 pounds I was up 34 waist I'm now loose on a 31 if doctor Hyman said this is what you need for breakfast that's what I eat if they said I need to drink so many ounces of water that's what I did I didn't have a stiffness and and you swelling in my hand and joints and I didn't have more headaches I just did what they said if they said it I did it. Hi everybody welcome back to the Daniel Plan session two now in our first session we looked at what I call the faith factor the six things that God says he wants to give us to make changes in our lives based on Romans chapter eight Now with this section we're going to look at God prescription for your physical health specifically we're going to talk about one of my favorite subject and that is food, food, glorious food now I grew up in a family where the dining room table was literally the centerpiece of our home we didn't just have a regular sized dining room table this thing was a monster at every major function in our home revolved around that table so every happy memory in my life growing up was connected the food and every sad memory in my life growing up was connected the food. Now despite all that eating, you know, until my mid-20s I was about a skinny is a beanpole but something slowdown in me and I started packing on the pounds that didn't happen all at once just 2 or 3 pounds a year but after passing Saddleback Church for thirty years it all added up to about ninety pounds of excess weight you know I have to admit I really didn't think about it in to a couple years ago when I was baptize in some people on that day I actually baptize over 800 people on a single day now at Saddleback we baptize the way they did in the Bible by putting people under the water as Jesus was in the Jordan River and so I was lifting people back and forth and right about person number four hundred now baptizing I suddenly had and an epiphany I thought man we are all fat. I ah. so and then I thought about but I am fat and at how can I be an example to our people if if by if I'm not takin care my body so I start doing a little research and I discovered that about seven in 10 Americans over 69 percent of us are overweight I discovered that diabetes and heart disease have become pandemic diseases in the last five years or least 10 years all because of wait related lifestyle issues there now eighty million people in america were diabetic or pre-diabetic now listen to this around the globe about 20 million people a year die from infectious diseases that's unacceptable but 50 million people will die from wait related diseases in other words more people are going to die from diabetes and heart disease than from infectious diseases, ah ah, and things like HIVA then I discovered another amazing statistic right now for the first time in history there is many people in the world dying from obesity as there are people were dying from now now nutrition that stunned me, ah, because we've been working through what we call the peace plan tell people in poverty all around the world people who didn't have enough to eat when I realized that as many people were dying from too much food as not enough food I realized something needs to change and when I thought about my own church and specifically when I thought about myself I thought we need a plan and that's when we started the Daniel plan. Now let's look at what God has to say about the importance of physical health: first Corinthians chapter six is the classic Bible passage on the Bible and here's what it says: "everything is permissible for me but not everything is beneficial, everything is permissible for me but I will not be mastered by anything." and what is God saying here he is saying that some things in life are not necessarily wrong they're just not necessary; In other words you're free to do whatever you want but not everything in life is beneficial, and God says you should say to yourself I'm not gonna be mastered by anything. I'm not gonna let anything Whether is food or anything dominate me. I'm not gonna be addicted or controlled by anything. The Bible continues with this verse "Food is for the stomach and the stomach is for food," that was a classic a Greek statement in those days and Paul just quote it. but he says, God will destroy them both that's, that's what the prevailing attitude says; in other words they're not gonna last forever in other words are not the real reason you're here but then Paul goes on and says this "but don't you know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you whom you have received from God you're not your own you were bought at a price therefore honor God with your body." Know that's for Corinthians 6 vreses 12 to versus 20 now this passage teaches the exact opposite what all the media and everything in society teaches you about your body but here's the truth: your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you whom you have received from God. You are not your own, you were bought at a price. That's what God says in the Bible. One day you're gonna stand before God and he's gonna say: "what did you do with what I gave you? and that's good include everything God has given me your talents your abilities, your friends, your freedom, it's going to include your intelligence, your gifts, your opportunities your your body, and everything else. What did you do with what you were given? in the book "Purpose Driven Life". I talk about how life is a task, and life is a temporary assignment and life is preparation for eternity and God is watching you to see if he can trust you with what he puts into your hands what other things that God has entrusted you? and you've had it since the moment of your first breath is this: your body, your physical body God says: " You have to be the care taker. I've your body so what other instructions as God give us for being the caretakers of our bodies well, the Bible also talks about the balance Of eating, and sleeping, and exercise and rest Psalm 127, verse 2 it's a good verse for those of you who are workaholics and says this it's senseless for you to work so hard for early morning until late at night God wants his loved ones to get their proper rest. Are you getting your proper rest? you know long before science uncovered the damage if excess sweets. The Bible had already talked about it thousand of years ago In Proverbs 25 it says: eating too much honey is not good. Now, how did they know that? because God told them the Bible says in a vision 518 don't get drunk on wine which can ruin you so the Bible says don't get drunk in first Corinthians 10:31 it says: "whatever you eat or whatever you drink or whatever you do, you must do it all for the glory of God. We call this the food factor now if we pay attention to these instructions about sleeping in eating and drinking don't you think we have a whole lot fewer health problems? of course you would. It's very obvious that American South and even help around the world is quickly deteriorating we're living longer but we have more on health in our lives and people are becoming handicapped with all kinds of health problems from sedentary living and all these health problems are making us sick and tired. are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Well, welcome to the Daniel plan. I see the cost above all these things we pay for health care. We know that today are soaring time magazine has reported that out of the 2.5 trillion dollar spent on health care in America each year This is the 75 percent have all spent on health care of all the money spent on health care stems from chronic diseases which can be prevented by lifestyle choices. You know what that means? it means it's up to us, it's up to you. It's up to me. all that expense all that insurance are we would need it all if we lived more responsibly, healthy the way God tells us to live in his word seventy-five percent of all that health care is due to the fact we're not managing, monitoring, and caring for our bodies. someone should ask yourself the same question are the things that I'm doing to my body, and the things that I'm putting in my body, bringing glory to God and honoring it's temple? that's what Mac doctor Mark Hayman my friend iss gonna talk about with us today marc is one of the Daniel plan founding doctors that I recruited who has dedicated his life to functional medicine and teaching people how to heal their bodies by eating properly but by good nutrition this isn't a new concept thousands of years ago Hypocrates, the great Greek doctor said: "let food be that Medicine. the doctor Hayman is gonna teach us how to make small changes but over time will yield big results. But before we joined doctor hyman I'd like to pray for you would you bow your heads "Father you created our bodies, you sent Jesus to pay for our bodies, then you said the Holy Spirit to live in our bodies help us to never forget that our bodies belong to you not us, forgive us for all the times we misused and abused our bodies, and our health, and today we commit together to join in a journey of health to follow your health plan for your glory, and I pray this in Jesus name, AMEN! as we continue on the session 2 the main feature of it, it's gonna be focusing on food and how it's about abundance and not deprivation. I'm so thrill to be join by Dr, Marc Hyman, he is one of our founding doctors. Hi. So nice to have you here. Mark a cross-country flight to make this video shot. He is an amazing doctor and friend of myself, my family, and saddleback family and I think as you healing online, you all feel that way about him as well so Marc, when I think of you, I think of three words but I think about a lot of things but the three words that I thinks is food as medicine, its right, so tell me a little bit about how food can actually heal and some of your key thoughts on that: Absolutely, you know one of the things that we are just learning is that food is just calories but energy it's actually got instructions and tell your body what to do. It tell you to get thick or it tells you to get healthy and depending on the quality the food you eat depends on the quality your health, is such a simple idea most people don't get it. I mean what if you have Doritos, and a coke, and you know a big cinnamon, is that good for your body? what message is that sending to your genes, versus if you have just some fresh ,real food, like a piece of chicken, a salad and you know potato, just simple food, real food It has very different structures right there. You wanna really think about what you're eating, you know, what are the foods that God made what are the food that are man-made. it is very simple, if you just eat the food that God made you're gonna be in good shape. God does not make food with a big ingredients list, or the food label, or bar code, usually right before God makes you know, the said the ground, right. It makes vegetables, and fruits, and nuts, and seeds, and beans, and whole grains just food and there's animals that we can eat, this chickens, and beef, and lambs, and eggs, and fish just food. I mean it's not that complicated, and people think about low-calorie high-fat, low-fat, low-carb, high carb, you know it just every confusing right there, on the market is giving people. You just give up but the message is really simple, if you just eat real food, if you eat food that was grown on a plan, that may be a plan if with has a very short distance from the field to the fork, " yeah, I like that" From the field to the fork, if the person is starting out on this journey they might open up their pantry or their fridge and not having a lot of things, from the field to the fork. there's three things that they should look at, there are three things if you do nothing else on The Daniel Plan with food, read your labels and avoid these 3 things: number one look in your labels and if there's anything with high fructose corn syrup or trans fats, or I think they also call it hydrogen fat or MSG monosodium glutamate and all the other had names for it then you probably shouldn't be eating need it and it's better just throw it out and find other foods to eat that are good for you, in the foods that you want to eat are the, foods that are in the data plan, the food that you want to add, and the things you at our way more important the things that you really take away except for those three ingredients just getting rid of those three ingredients and then just add real food. ok, what are those ingredients again? is high fructose corn syrup okay,it's trans fats hydrogenated fat. okay, and its MSG. ok, that's because trans fats are fake franken fats that cause cancer heart disease, and diabetes, and obesity. high fructose corn syrup it's the most abundant sources calories in our diet. It's What is in barbecue sauce and salad dressing hidden. I mean, there's more sugar in tomato sauce than there is in Oreo cookies. I thing ,seriously, people don't know whether you don't know what they're eating, so you have more hidden sugar and then the MSG which makes you crave in binge way to get mice to be fat for doing research, It's the game msg makes a mockery so his it's gonna create addiction in overeating and brain chemistry problems okay, the one thing I have heard over, No from people trying your program, it's that they feel their palate really changed once they're adding it in. The whole food industry is facing hijacker case but so real food doesn't really taste that good anymore. see, try to get your body back in balance and your cravings will go away. your, your your obsession about food go away, your benging will go away your body will rebalance. and the Daniel Plan is not about weight loss but it happens automatically. We have people who was a 150 pounds no people lost 25 pounds. They are like slackers. right, but it was not a weight loss program. It's really about getting your body back and learning how it works, and learning how to work with it rather than against it. Awesome, Now when you talk about not being a weight lost program, being a life back,ate last programming getting your health back and an important part when people are making these changes is it to know you're not going to be hungry, and I heard you saying and actually curve your craving. You've talked about a key principle that starting with breakfast, can you speak about because ultimately, what intake to eat. it is all about being satisfied, it's about abundant, it's about not being hungry, it's about a new way to live and have a new type of relationship with it. Even the way we see food. So speak about the way we can stop craving and speak about all that. the pacing of that, yeah, it's, it's really extraordinaire you know people who are addicted to sugar addicted to pop up food and they don't believe that in less than 48 hours their brains can completely rechief so in 48 hours, how is that happen? it's amazing, it's really quite easy because your hormones are hijacked in your brain chemistry is hijacked by these processed foods and high sugar foods so you stop eating them, mean we have something we're gonna do which is this a two-week data plan reboot or detox ,and its gonna allow you to see the power of eating in some very simple ways to shift these cravings, so it's really quite simple start your day with protein, can be a protein shake it can be eggs, it can be even be dinner for breakfast right, very simple and then you want to eat rarely know wanna go for long periods on eating so you eat at least breakfast, lunch, and dinner at regular intervals and then maybe a handful of nuts ahead in the morning or afternoon to stop having people hungry that's it. The other thing is you really don't wanna drink liquid sugar calories. you can have a shake you can have a green juice but shouldn't have liquid sugar calories which isn't everything. It's in our sodas, it's in foods this producta, energy drinks sports drinks, sweeting teas, I mean it's everywhere at home, that's gonna completely disrupt your brain chemistry and then it's doing some simple things besides, which is eating a lot a food. we want you to eat a lot of food, let's say it again,anything he can eat, a lot. I ate a lot of food. I mean, i eat a lot , too. look at us. we both eat a lot of food, you can eat a lot of food if you eat quality food, so the other night we had roasted mushrooms with garlic, we had broccoli rob which is a really nice broccoli family vegetable with garlic and stir fried in olive oil, we had asparagus with ginger stir-fried, and then we had some,you know, chicken Apple sausages just to put on a grill which was maybe 25 percent on my plate and most I had three or four different kinds of vegetables. think that's the main course and it's full of fiber, it's full of nutrients. see,most of us are starving for nutrients so we crave more food into, so the more new treaty fishing you are the less nutritious foods you have like process food with almost no nutrients, I mean how many vitamins, minerals does a coke have? really nothing. you know you have for example our thanked 140 calories in a soda which the twenty percent is about 15 spoons of sugar, also now you probably wouldn't put fifteen teaspoon with the sugar in your coffee or tea when you have one soda that's what you are having. and there is not fiber, it raises your blood sugar, it raises your insulin, it makes you hungry, cause a fatty liver, high cholesterol,high triglycerides, cause cancer,heart disease and dementia. you're like sign me on, and OK I'm not going, I'm not up but if you have the same amount of broccoli, let's say 240 calories a broccoli it is seven and a half cup, I mean good luck if you can eat all that amount of broccoli, right okay but it's got 35 grams of fiber it has almost no sugar, it's packed with vitamins and minerals and phytonutrients, it's so what we call nutrient dense as opposed to nutrient-poor and did give your body the things it needs without looking for some all the time. It's amazing, so tell me, typically the way you start your breakfast cause you said you star with protein what does that look like? so, this morning you know, I travel a lot and I have the fairway ceremony so the incoming menu which was this egg, itwas like an egg look like an egg around things that bang in 10 it said egg white a white, but I had whole eggs and spinach on top,and some vegetables, and that was that I had. a cup of coffee cuz I got late last night. and that was it. that was not much and it's great, I feel satisfied and for lunch we had some chicken and vegetable, and some berries, very satisfied. I'm not craving anything, I'm not hungry not migraines, good, I'm clear, I'm energy, I mean this is what you want to feel like I mean how many of you feel sluggish and tired and worn down. A lot has to do what you put in your mouth, so few realize that you're only a couple a days away from feeling good and if you're just set to give it a try, it's amazing the way you can feel I love he way you say, you are just a couples days away from feeling good and Just give it a try. you can go to the website, we have shopping list, we have ten days meal plan we have a few other tips on how to curb your cravings, and other things that really work together and I love it. you don't get hungry on this plan, it's a whole different way to have a relationship with food i love the way you say, it's only a couple days until you are feeling better Ultimately, when I think about my day, I want to be super effective with my day I have 5 kids, I got a full-time job, you know, I wanna be effective at that meeting at three o'clock, you know how I eat at Noon makes a huge difference. I have a really stressful meeting and I got out in my blood sugar, I have had in a while this the stress a meeting was right during lunch I didn't have my routine and I whenever told one of my associate I'm starving, do you have any food on the fridge and it was kinda of an emergency yeah, and she said you want me to run out and get you like, I said could you get like a green juice and i was able to have have the rest of the day amazing yeah, but just having a little bit of planning ahead. and, yeah implementing some of the Marc tips and the other tips you see in our website make a huge difference. Not online your long-term health but how you're feeling day-to-day I know. huh getting home after a long day, feeling refreshed, being energized interacting withyour family and friends, your life, it's really about designing your life you know just being said, if you just think about your life as a chemist you want to be a beautiful painting, or do want to be in some sort of grape Red foggy experience. Right, and a lot of us go through life. It's great, foggy experience, I call it brain fog and food coma, a lot of us walk around a food coma and we can't really love well, we can't really connect to ourselves, we can't connect to the people who are close to us, we can't connect with our work, we can't connect with God. those are the things that matter in life, so it's not that food is sort of have been in the end in itself, to try to you know, do the right thing, it's really about abundance,trying to find a way to thrive give yourself energy and well-being and to be able to do the things that matter in life To have energy and well being into trying'll. Well thank you so much for being here with, Dr. that Hyman and those amazing principles to lead by per week two and those following the Daniel Plane we wish you the best as you interact, just have fun exploring some new food this week adding up anything then checking out labels this is an adventure and we're so glad that you join us and are a part of this with us.

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El Plan Daniel Sesión 2

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